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clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jun 05:34 - lftp: fixed URL.01:03
clbUpdate from opt: 18 Jun 07:59 - [notify] subversion: updated to 1.4.403:03
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sepenwhat are your opinions?03:29
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j^2hey all08:33
aonhi j^208:34
j^2how's it going aon08:34
aonjust got home from work08:35
aongoing to put some sausages into the bbq soon :)08:35
j^2nice :D08:35
clbjaeger: 18 Jun 13:41 - ffmpeg: added 3gp encoding patches (convert3gp) per request || 17 Jun 20:30 - ntfs-3g: 1.516 -> 1.616 || 17 Jun 12:05 - rhapsody: Updated Pkgfile. || 17 Jun 11:57 - virtualbox: Removed redundant deps. || 17 Jun 11:29 - di: Updated md5sum file. || 17 Jun 11:26 - at: Fixed man path. || 17 Jun 09:33 - sysstat: updated to 7.1.5 || 17 Jun 09:27 - ion3: updated to rc-20070608 || 13 Jun 17:27 (2 more messages)08:48
treachrugek avoided getting sued by tuomo. :p09:16
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jjpktreach: rofl11:49
jjpktuomo and his mania...11:50
jjpkion provided in contrib then must be a derivative because pkgmk made it :p11:54
treachindeed, and do not forget to make timely updates. :>12:13
treach"update within 28 days or else.. :D12:13
jjpkI hope he has enough henchmen to enforce that part of his license :D13:45
aonshouldn't be that hard13:47
aon1. user mails about a bug, 2. tuomov checks the version used in the distro, 3. if (version.age > 28d) sue();13:48
aonor better yet, the user might say which distro and version are used in the initial mail13:49
jjpkCompromising yourself tw13:57
tilmanhe wouldn't instantly sue people13:57
tilmanhe can't be that silly13:57
tilmanhe's not a lawyer, is he? ;)13:57
treach"I'll sue your ass" is a great deal easier to say than actually following up on.. and it ain't cheap.13:59
jjpkWho knows, it could just be a mean-spirited joke :p14:00
jjpkThen again, tuomov's actions are far from logical and rational ;)14:01
treachheh, I was just about to say "rather an ill tought out impulsive response".14:01
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jjpk...then arnuld saves the day14:25
tilmanarnuld "saves" the "day"14:25
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tilmanthat's just dumb14:25
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j^2_messed up my idlerpg :(14:27
tilmannot you14:27
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jjpknetsplits ftw14:33
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treachstupid git, I already told him once.14:56
tilmanwatch your tongue ;)14:57
treachdo you have any idea how hard that is?14:57
treachI suggest you try it yourself.. :P14:57
tilmanyou're confusing me when you use the term "git" :D14:58
treachah, well, software usually isn't refered to as "him".14:58
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jjpktreach: nostalgia rolling back17:15
jjpk"how can I do to..."17:15
jjpkcrux materiål right there :D17:24
treachnow I feel a bit mean..17:26
jjpkI suggest you take that statement back ;)17:27
jjpkHe just dug himself deeper17:28
treachdamn kids these days, this is what our schools have come to. /o\17:29
jjpk"back in my day..." :D17:30
treachIndeed. It was already beginning to collaps when I was that age, fortunately I got out of it before the roof completely fell in.17:31
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