IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-06-19

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j^2morning yall07:37
tilmanmorning you07:38
j^2how's in going tilman07:38
j^2better then "badish" eh?07:39
j^2hey aon08:00
sepen''this also works against you and your project'' openbsd?09:09
aonwhat an ass :)09:11
aon"Because they've learned that what you're going to do is go on some blog or web site and tear them to shreds"09:11
aoni have seen one blog post from him so far :)09:11
aonblog comment, rather09:11
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tilmanjesus, google video sucks more than youtube11:55
tilmanthey don't even support for Request-Range parameter for http11:55
tilmanso resuming a download is kind of hard o__O11:56
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sepentilman, that?
tilmansepen: don't think so12:04
sepenwell, I part from my work12:06
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sepenI need testers for
sepenthis is my new portsearch script17:26
sepenseems that work really fine17:26
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