IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-06-20

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j^2morning all09:07
aonmorning j^209:48
j^2hey aon09:50
* aon is ircing with one hand09:50
j^2....ewww :P09:50
j^2<-- becoming a DBA :D09:50
aongotta hold my phone against the table for the data transfer to work09:50
aon<3 nokia09:51
aon...yeah, i realized immediately after typing that what the more common reason for one-hand typing might be in some circles09:52
aonwhat's a dba?09:58
tilmansomething certified idiot?09:59
tilmandatabase related, maybe09:59
aonah, database administrator?09:59
aonor Dead Before Arrival10:00
j^2aon: yeah found out today that i have to start learning Filemaker pro10:01
j^2"they need my help"10:02
tilmani think you're superman10:02
tilmanmail, database, virus things10:02
j^2yep, it's because my manager never really has done any real it work :-O10:03
* aon is leaving to the UK in an hour10:05
j^2oh yeah?10:05
aonoh yeah.10:05
tilmanwork or vacation?10:05
aonto spend my midsummer "vacation"10:05
aonwhich is basically fri-sun plus thu as an extra day10:06
tilmanenjoy the food :D10:06
tilmandon't pretend to be german!10:06
tilmanthey don't like those10:06
tilmancause they're nazis :>10:06
aonyeah, and some of them were also commies10:08
aoncommunist nazis like in some simpson episode (in a McBain movie)10:08
jjpkNational socialism has plenty in common with marxism and communism, but good luck getting them to admit so.10:10
aonexcept national socialism isn't quite as well defined10:10
aonand nazis didn't much of a problem with aryan private ownership10:11
jjpkThe state still had plenty of say and control over matters.10:12
jjpkA form of centralized authoritarianism if you will.10:12
jjpkNevertheless you are correct about the broad definition.10:12
jjpkDepends who is intepreting10:13
aonalso, the existing and former implementations of socialism aren't/weren't quite up to spec :)10:15
jjpkWhen a state goes beyond a certain dictatorial threshold, ideology does not matter :p10:17
jjpkAmassing power, wealth, and slapping others about is more or less what tends to follow.10:20
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clbUpdate from opt: 20 Jun 19:22 - libpcre: updated to version 7.214:44
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Jun 01:07 - scummvm: updated to version 0.10.020:15
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