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jjpkHaha arnuld is bothering arch's forum now :D05:29
tilman...again :D06:21
clbUpdate from core: 21 Jun 11:31 - pkg-config: updated to 0.22.06:45
clbUpdate from xorg: 21 Jun 11:33 - mesa3d: depends on xorg-libxdamage.06:47
j^2morning all07:45
tilmangood morning to you, too07:46
j^2how is my german buddy doing today?07:47
tilmanhad lectures from 9 to 12:1507:47
tilmanie, good07:47
j^2nice :D, so the rest of the day off then eh?07:47
tilmanyeah, though i have to prepare a talk07:48
j^2:-/ your smart should be able to wing it if you want07:48
j^2take the day off, kick the shoes off, it's time to relax07:48
tilmanyou mean to improvise it?07:50
tilmancan't do that07:50
j^2yeah that's what i meant...why not?07:50
tilmanit will be graded07:58
j^2arnuld strikes again08:12
j^2i bet he thinks bash is EXCESS08:13
jjpkIsn't /bin/sh a relic anyway?08:29
jjpkIt is better to call the shell directly, especially in shell scripting.08:35
j^2true, it's like having a screwdriver when you dont need a electric one08:38
* jaeger tests an updated iso09:02
tilmanspeaking of isos09:04
tilmandoes 2.3 final allow an installation w/o xorg?09:04
tilman2.3-rc1 forces you select xorg o_O09:04
jaegerI think it depends on your package selection09:04
jaegerselecting opt/firefox, for example, pulls in xorg deps, I'd think09:04
tilmani didn't realize that09:04
* tilman moron09:04
jaegertook me a while to figure it out, if that makes you feel any better :)09:05
jaegerI felt smrt09:05
j^2hey jaeger09:05
j^2tilman: no idlebot :(09:05
tilmanj^2: yes :(09:05
jaegerheyo, j^209:05
j^2anything fun on the new iso?09:06
jaegercrux :)09:06
jaegernothing crazy, just updates09:06
jaegernew kernel (
tilmanwould you like a collection of jokes on your iso, j^2 ?09:06
j^2aon's arnuld script? ;)09:06
j^2totally :D09:06
j^2if you want i could give the iso a shot later09:07
jaegerI just spotted a kernel module error I need to fix but I'll upload one you can test soon09:07
j^2sure anytime09:07
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treachhmm, using source=() is a bashism and bad, isn't it?16:52
tilmanyes, that's why han uses source=""16:52
pitillotreach, what may I use in a cvs port for example?16:53
treachsuggestion: change prtcreate to use source="" and make prtverify issue a warning on source=()16:53
tilmanpitillo: source="" i guess16:53
treachany ideas on that?16:53
treachpitillo: see han16:53
tilmantreach: isn't source=(foo bar) as bad?16:54
tilmanwhat's the gain?16:54
tilmanports without sources are rare...16:54
tilmanbut maybe i'm missing the point16:54
pitilloummm I don't see the point16:54
treachmhh, I was refering to the ( ) variant.16:54
treachpitillo: about what?16:54
pitillowich is the difference between source=() and source="" ?16:54
treachportability of the ports, for instance.16:55
treachwhy use bashisms when there is no need for it?16:55
pitilloummm I am far from that point (I don't know what is a bashism and the results of using it) ignore my 3 sentences, sorry. Only looking the best way to do my few ports16:59
pitillosome using cvs source... all from E.17:01
treachpitillo: bashism = something in a script that only works if the shell is *bash*17:02
treachand /bin/sh isn't bash on all systems.17:02
pitilloummm nice17:02
pitilloumm the more portable the better in my opinion too. (but I don't know how to fix it or the work that it will cost for devs)17:03
treachwell, in this case it's "sed -e "s/source=\(\)/source=\"\"/" prtcreate, or something like that.17:04
treachmeh, the other way aound, obviously17:05
pitillobut I mean to pass the Pkgfile... It will parse the source="" ?17:07
treachyes, it's no problem17:08
treachall han's ports are like that.17:08
sepenis an array also17:08
sepenpkgmk loops file by file17:09
sepenpkgmk is a shell script17:09
sepenit takes the array like a script17:09
treachthe point is, that pkgmk doesn't need any fixing.17:10
sepenvars="one two three"17:10
sepenfor i in ${vars[@]}; do .... ; done17:10
pitillomay be the standars may be fixed?17:22
pitilloor these are known things to a port maintainer?17:22
pitillos/are these?17:24
treachpitillo: that's what I'm getting at. You might want to go back and have a better look at what I'm suggesting.17:27
treachAnd consider what the implications are.17:27
pitillothe implications are change the "rules" for making ports, no?17:30
pitillo(that is what I understoond, sorry if I'am missing something or didn't correctly)17:31
treachthe implications are that prtcreate sets the defaults to something that is a tad stupid.17:33
treachand presumeably most go with the defaults, without really thinking about it.17:33
pitillocan be a good option to ask about and take other's opinions too17:34
treachso, it's a two character change in prtcreate that will make some difference over time, and without any disruption.17:35
pitilloI see more "benefits" than problems... like I said, may be another one can explain anther point of view and give reasons17:35
treachsame with prtverify, if it issues a warning for "source=()" presumeably people will get around to fix it, at some point.17:35
treachyeah, that's why I suggested this way, because there will be no huge disruption giving everyone a lot of pain.17:36
treachideally it'll just slowly fix itself over time as people strive to be "compliant".17:37
pitillocan be a good idea at least to talk about this at ML (I was thinking in the possibilty of adding a ticket too)17:37
treachlet's see what tilman says first. :p17:38
pitilloyes of course17:38
treachafter all, I'm not a dev, so I have no say at all. :D17:39
pitilloman, you know my opinion too... you must be at least contrib member... and you are a potential dev too17:40
treachrofl, ask tilman about my coding abilities. :D17:40
tilmanmaybe not a potential dev ;)17:41
pitilloI'll do... but reading here and looking your ports.... smells a potential dev17:41
pitillo"desarrollador en potencia" -> potential developer or  Developer in power ?17:43
treachpotential, I'd guess.17:44
treachbut that's not me.17:44
pitilloummm I think you have lot of knowledge treach ... smells from here17:45
treachI know my limitations, thanks for the moral support.17:45
treachhowever, I'm not sure it's flattering you can smell me to spain..17:45
treachs /to/from/17:45
pitillomay be I am confusing the meaning of the potential dev... but thinking in that way, looking that things and reading your comments... smells like it17:46
pitillobelive it... it is a smell that came from here... not a physical one....17:47
pitillogive time to time...17:47
treachyou've got the meaning of potential right, don't worry about that.17:49
pitillotime to rest a bit, good night :)17:55
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jaegersmells from here? time for a bath19:08
treachor a *very* sensitive nose. :)19:12
treachpitillo, aka "the blood hound". :D19:12
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