IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-06-22

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clbUpdate from xorg: 22 Jun 12:53 - xorg-server: removed redundant dependencies.07:54
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j^2hey all10:26
j^2how you doing jaeger ?11:14
jaegercould be better... but I'm still here. you?11:17
j^2allergies are bothing me, nasty cough, but other than that counting down the minutes till the weekend11:17
jaegerfortunately it is the weekend, for me :) took today off11:20
jaegerhad to mow the lawn, though11:20
jaegerfinally remembered to post the latest updated iso11:22
j^2ah nice11:22 (german) :P11:23
jaegertreach: I don't get it... I understand it but I don't get the joke11:26
treachabout your lawn. :)11:26
jaegerI knew it was related but I don't get what's funny about it. Is it just because he thinks it'll take him 2000 years to be happy with it?11:27
jaegerif so, I know that feeling, but I think 2000 is not enough :P11:27
tilmani don't think there's much to get, jaeger11:27
tilmantreach: :P11:27
jaegerfair enough11:27
treachit's about the methods used too.11:28
treachpedantantery to the max. :)11:28
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tilmantreach: does pkgmk work with dash?12:35
tilmanif the port is dash-compatible12:36
treachtilman: no it doesn't. it complains about "bad substitution".14:23
treach(it's "source[@]" in pkgmk)14:23
treachtilman: note though that is if I set pkgmk to use dash explicitly, since it's explicitly set to use bash.14:33
tilmanyeah, of course14:59
j^2"I'm a student, on my final year in a college in India, and I have been using GNU/Linux for quite sometime now. Though I'm from a Computer Science background, getting into a project that involves serious programming was not possible, as people (read teachers) run away if you utter the word 'Linux'.16:30
j^2ahhh! it's arnuld on slashdot!16:31
tilmanj^2: read it now, what a dumb question17:32
tilmani'm SHOCKED17:32
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