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prologicI hate you all :)01:59
prologicfor some reason someone decided to turn off x support in vim01:59
prologicI've been going crazy about it ever since :/01:59
prologicand didn't know what the problem was01:59
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jjpkMoving away from bash would make arnuld happy lol09:19
jaegeronly for a short while; he'll find something else to complain about09:20
prologicarnold ?09:22
jjpkYou have not followed the mailing list have you?09:22
tilmanor IRC09:23
tilmanor aon's website09:23
jjpkI'll take that as a no :D09:25
prologicI'm not even on the ML :/09:27
prologicI haven't gotten around to getting back on during my last move and network outage becuase of it :/09:28
prologicI'm way too busy to keep up with crux :) I just bareuly keep up with my ports09:28
prologicjaeger, do we have a later 2.3 iso that's <-221Mb in size ?09:42
jaegersomeone may but not me. I don't save previous ISOs09:46
jaegeractually, I don't think any of the 2.3 ISOs have been that small, anyway09:46
jjpkHowever you look at it, crux isos are a few times smaller than most.09:48
jjpkWhich is nice.09:48
prologicI just wouldn't mind fitting it on this mini cdrw I have09:49
prologicbut it has a total capacity of only 221Mb09:49
prologichow much more can you fit on a cdrw if you overburn ?09:50
prologic221Mb is what cdrdao disk-inof tells me09:50
jaegerdepends on the drive and the media, fluctuates a lot09:50
jaegeryou could make a custom ISO without some packages09:50
prologicyeah but taht'd take me longer than to see if it'll fit with overburn :009:52
prologic2mins to go on the download and I'll test09:52
treachafaik overburn capacity varies with manufacturer etc, also there's the possibility to damage your writer..09:56
prologicwe shall see :)09:56
prologicnot gonna fit10:01
prologic221Mb cap, 271Mb required - I think I'll damage my drive10:02
treachbetter make a new iso without X/firefox.10:05
jjpkGreat, another seed planted for the creation of an EU superstate.10:34
jjpkOnly 2 EU members have even planned referendums, makes you wonder a bit.10:34
treachwhy? It's pretty obvious, isn't it?10:55
jjpkYou mark my words, the EU will try to digest more than it can handle.10:56
jjpkThe next think you know, it becomes absurdly layered and gets nothing done.10:56
treachI thought we were already there..10:56
jjpkThey certainly need no further help in that department...10:57
treachit's already absurd, it's just a place were politicians get fat while implementing the lobbyists wishes. :/10:58
treachso in my book, the less that gets done, the better.10:59
jjpkThe EU should have remained a simple common market with certain rules to follow.10:59
jjpkNOT a dihonest, corrupt and misleading organization forcing political integration10:59
jjpkIt's a sham.11:00
treachpoliticians without accountability, getting onesided information, and kickbacks on top of it.11:01
jjpkPoliticians = greatest con men of our days11:01
jjpkmake that ages.11:01
treachor in some cases, politicians mon-we, lobbyists thu-fri..11:02
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prologicjaeger, we really need scsi support on the iso13:32
prologicif it does have it, we need the driver that vmware uses13:32
prologicI just booted your cd with vmware-server13:32
prologicand yeah, no hdds found13:32
jaegerfind out which driver it needs and let me know13:45
prologicwill do13:46
prologicwe now officially have vmware-server for crux (in contrib)13:47
prologicafter 2hrs of work13:47
jaegernice, I'll have to give it a try13:47
prologicand just successfully instlaled crux 2.3 on a gutest13:47
prologicit's performance is heaps better than workstation too13:47
prologicoh please do :)13:47
jaegerhow about compared to qemu?13:47
prologicjust register on their website to get a license13:48
prologicit's free13:48
prologicoh qemu is crap in comparision :)13:48
prologicin both features and performance13:48
prologicbut qemu is OSS :)13:48
prologicand does work well still13:48
prologicmy brother runs heaps of vms using qemu (that I setup) to help him win at an online strategy game13:48
prologicyes he cheats :)13:48
jaegeryay for cat hair on the laptop13:48
jaegerjust curious because I use qemu quite often13:49
prologicfor some reason though ... a MikroTik install comes up with an error13:49
prologicERROR: "Cannot format pertitions"13:49
prologicwich is weird13:49
prologicihmo vmware is a lot easier to use than qemu13:49
prologicand a lot better performance13:50
prologicit's almost as good as the host machine itself13:50
prologicI just installed crux 2.3 in the same time it takes me on a physical machine13:50
prologicmy vm machine13:50
jaegervmware always struck me as bloated but I haven't used it in a long time13:50
prologicactually it isn't very13:51
prologicquite simple in design I would imagine judging by the binaries and layout13:51
prologicit might just look bloated becuase of the libraries they ship with13:51
prologicI am _sure_ I could remove a lot of them and just use the ones already in the system13:51
prologicbut way too much trouble13:51
prologicie: they have their own gtk library, cairo library, etc13:52
prologicthey ship with binaries of libraries they've tested with obvisouly13:52
prologicwhat's now even cool about vmware-server13:54
prologicyou can shutdown the gui/console13:54
prologicand the vm still continues to run13:54
prologicanyway I am off ot bed13:56
jaegertake care13:56
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