IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-06-25

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j^2hey all08:56
sepenhey j^209:06
j^2how yall doing?09:08
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jaegernot too badly, you?09:08
treachRomster: I think you added a file too much. :P09:09
j^2monday...*sigh* monday09:11
treachman, kernel changelogs are reachin a point where they should be released as books..09:31
treach-rw-r--r-- 1 treach users 5.9M Jun 25 16:30 patch-2.6.22-rc6.bz2 o.O09:34
j^2you know i know this is a n00b question, but why would you want to continuely patch the kernel? when i build a box and the kernel works, i'm happy with it...09:39
j^2no seg faults or anything09:40
jaegerI often don't update mine for a long time... when I do it's generally for security updates or a piece of hardware that wasn't supported until recently09:41
treachvarious reasons, new features, like dynticks, or bugfixes or why not fixing security?09:41
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j^2yeah i guess, security makes sense, but i guess when it comes to hardware, i just seem to have all my hardware supported09:45
treachLinux 2.6.22-rc6 athlon-4 GNU/Linux09:45
aonLinux beech 2.6.22-rc2 #4 PREEMPT Sun Jun 3 15:45:01 EEST 2007 i686 athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux09:45
j^2Linux router15 #4 Thu Oct 12 11:31:52 CDT 2006 i686 pentium2 i386 GNU/Linux09:45
j^2ftw :D09:46
* aon boots up The Pile of Obsolete(tm)09:46
jaegerLinux 2.4.21-47.0.1.ELsmp #1 SMP Fri Oct 13 17:56:20 EDT 2006 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux09:46
j^2jaeger: dual core?09:46
treachj^2: using all the new features of the newer kernels make a laptop live quite a bit longer.09:46
jaegerdual-processor, hyperthreaded09:47
j^2ahhh treach true, power manangement is still crappy...09:47
j^2jaeger: nice09:47
treachj^2: blame most of it on X.09:47
treachit really sucks the battery dry, since it prevents the cpu from ever reaching the lowest cstate.09:48
j^2what's cstate?09:52
treach"sleep modes"09:53
treachessentially the cpu powers down on its own when it's idle.09:53
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Romsterjaeger, imlib2 needs these deps added to build properly: libtiff xorg-libx11 xorg-libxext xorg-xproto13:12
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j^2no arnuld for a while now...14:20
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jaegerRomster: updated imlib215:57
Romsteri foudn it when i did a safe-build of transcode.15:58
Romsterwhich is basicly a clean chroot of the crux iso15:59
Romsterjaeger, your not the only one with some missing deps so don't worry if you think i'm picking on you :) I inform every maintaienr that i find a problem :)16:00
Romstermissing hmm wonder what i could be misisng i got gdk_pixbuf installed..16:04
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jaegerRomster: I didn't take it that way, no worries17:48
jaegerappreciate the help when I miss something17:48
Romsterlike helping where i can.17:51
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