IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-06-26

jjpkA new blog entry from arnuld o_o00:14
tilmanmust be fake, it's not the 3rd yet00:15
jjpkIf you say so :p00:16
tilmani was able to boot into my Gentoo installation at 11th attempt.00:16
jjpkMore possible quotes for the church :D00:18
jjpkermh, that was one confusing post...00:23
jjpk"gentoo RULES, but I don't use it" :D00:23
clbUpdate from xorg: 26 Jun 05:10 - mesa3d: updated to 7.0.00:38
Romsterhrmm wonder how much pain it is to update mesa3d..02:38
Romsteri'm fighting with another program atm..02:39
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jjpkk-lines in freenode? hmm04:20
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j^2morning all07:43
j^2i'm totally not not a morning person07:47
j^2this is horrible07:47
tilmantotally not not?07:49
tilmanso you are?07:49
j^2heh, sleeepyness and typing dont make a good mix with jj07:50
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jaegerblackboard makes me cry these days... the latest service pack is 726.7 MB and the latest hotfix for that release is 486.1 MB07:53
jaegermore like hugefix07:53
j^2heh, it's a rewrite of 85% of the code :P07:54
jaegerwell, considering how large the rest is... probably not07:54
jaeger3.8G    /local/bea8107:54
jaegerand that's only the application server07:54
jaegerit has a 400ish GB oracle database07:55
j^2i thought it was smaller... :-/ oh well, we use "open" or the like far park.eud07:55
jaegerI've suggested a few times that we check out MIT's open source offering but we haven't yet07:55
j^2which is that one?07:56
j^2is it "open" i actaully have no idea07:56
jaegerI don't remember the name07:56
j^2but funny07:59
jaegersmooth :P08:03
jaegerj^2: it might be sakai these days, hard to find since I don't remember what it was called08:05
j^2it looks pretty sold on the features side, it's been around a while?08:06
jaegeryeah, though I have no idea how mature it actually is, didn't follow its development08:07
tilmanmaybe our git-to-httpup script is buggy08:29
tilmancontrib.git doesn't have subversion-perl/ anymore08:29
tilmanyet it's checked out08:29
aonwell, iirc it doesn't prune the target dir08:33
jaegeraon: seems the libgphoto2 build silently ignores udevscriptdir :P08:33
aoni see08:33
jaegereasily worked around, just stupid08:34
tilmanaon: could you look into it?08:34
aontilman: probably, can i have the version that's in use now?08:34
aonsip changed it a bit08:34
tilmanor maybe i'll just have a quick look08:34
aonyeah, it's not probably very hard to do08:34
tilmanmkdir ($c)08:36
tilmanoh wait08:36
tilmanit's ok08:36
tilmanaon: what's the right way to rm -rf in perl?08:38
aonuse File::Path; rmtree("/path/to/dir");08:44
jaegeraon: thanks for the diff, updated libgphoto208:54
aoni didn't send any diff08:54
aoni just assigned the task ;)08:54
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aonit was mike_k iirc08:55
jaegerah... mike_k, I guess08:55
jaegersorry, misread08:55
jaegeroh well, it's updated anyway :)08:55
tilmanhe kind of sounds like arnuld08:58
tilmanya rly08:58
aonbut he's brazilian :/08:58
jjpkpath of excess? o_o08:59
aonquote of the day: "i tried google. it confused me even more."09:00
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jaegerbah, 40 levels of idlerpg before getting a penalty (besides quests) due to server malfunction10:13
j^2<--- You are j2, the level 46 crazymidgetjew. Next level in 2  days, 22:15:1510:16
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