IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-06-27

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j^2morning all09:00
tilmanmorning j209:06
j^2going well today tilman ?09:10
j^2yo aon09:11
tilmani think i need a strong coffee09:11
tilmanjust got home from lectures09:12
* aon just made some coffee, too09:12
tilmanheard some crap about business process management09:12
tilmanso fucking boring09:12
jaegerit could be worse. you could be installing oracle, like me09:12
aontilman: what are you studying?09:12
tilmanwith some business administration crap09:12
tilmanit's a bit weird09:12
jjpkI would not say so.09:13
jjpkIt is a good combination because both parties are quite oblivious at times.09:13
jaegerhere's another bit of weird: the oracle 9i universal installer hides buttons on unresizable windows unless I run it in twm09:13
jaegerthe 10g installer works fine in blackbox09:13
jaegerhow awesome is that?09:13
aonah, yes09:13
jjpkOracle devs thought of everything.09:13
aoni remember some shit like that too09:14
aonhaving to switch wm's for oracle installation09:14
aontilman: so is the line of education called "Informatik mit Betriebswirtschaftslehre Scheisse"?09:15
jaegeraon: yeah, it drives me nuts09:15
tilmanaon: there's a course of study called "wirtschafts-informatik" in germany.09:17
tilmanaon: that's officially CS + business administration09:17
tilmanbut it's not what i'm doing09:17
tilmanbut i do hear a few of their lectures09:17
aoni got accepted to study for a MSc in cs, too :-O09:18
j^2kinda like my track, management and computer informantion systems, (in other words manage computer engineers)09:18
tilmanaon: cool :)09:18
aonwon't go until next year, tho09:19
aoni guess i could have a cron job for updating wine :)09:23
aonoh, there was no update, guess they just changed the page to annoy me09:23
jjpkaon: which university accepted you?09:24
aonjyväskylä and helsinki too, but tampere was first on the list09:24
aonturku didn't09:24
aonutu sucks anyway, too many stairs to the main building09:25
pitilloaon, how old are you?09:27
jjpkI applied to utu, but it would have taken a miracle to get in :p09:27
tilmanis it the finnish harvard?09:28
jjpkI doubt it.09:29
jjpkI will assume it is Helsinki University because it's in the capital :D09:30
aonpitillo: 1909:30
pitilloI don't know why I thought you are older than me....09:31
pitillo(I think knowledge related)09:31
sepenpitillo, here (spain) we have a lot of sun days09:32
pitillosepen, I think they had inet a long time ago... but that can be a good reason too...09:33
aonSun(tm) days09:33
pitillosepen, sunny days?09:33
aoni've had dsl since 2003, isdn since 199909:33
sepenpitillo, yeah sorry09:34
pitilloaon, here we have inet since 2001 I think. And very expensive09:36
tilmanis that why you guys are never on irc during the weekend?09:36
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pitillotilman, me at least... I have only connection at home. At my home at beach I haven't telephone and inet...09:37
tilmani see09:38
sepenpitillo, I think that also here we discovered *nix later than other countries09:39
aoni switched from windows in 200409:41
aonlike, totally09:41
aonthere were some smaller experiments from 2001 onwards or so :)09:41
pitillonice... I switched around that date too... but now using CRUX I am getting knowledge (hidden by other distros)09:49
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