IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-07-02

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tilmanthat new git_to_httpup script has issues00:55
tilmanrm -rf tree && export_to(tree) is taking too lon00:55
Romstere2fsprogs update to 1.4001:18
Romsterwine as well dunno where aon is i just bumped my version.01:18
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j^2morning all08:15
j^2damn you matt! getting ahead of both me and til :D :P08:17
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* jaeger flexes08:24
* aon hates it when someone announces their e-mail as a official means of contact but doesn't answer it08:35
aonor perhaps they're just busy :p08:35
j^2hehe, hey aon, btw, "what's the job posting rules on our ML?"08:37
aonhe kinda already did, didn't he08:38
aoni somehow thought that was to an openbsd list and ignored it totally08:38
j^2what i love is that he didnt even mention _where_ he is located..."Job posting: Linux skills...planet earth, no relocation allowance" :P08:39
aonbtw, his first name means 'stallion' in finnish08:42
aonprobably somewhere in northern america anyway08:44
sepenhi devels!08:44
j^2hey sepen08:44
aonhi sepen08:44
sepenwhere I can find the ucrux sources?08:45
sepenI'll try to upgrade ucrux to 2.308:45
sepenI can't find port Pkgfile's ..08:45
sepenor the Makefile, the uclibc toolchain ...08:46
aonperhaps you should ask sip08:46
sepenhe's on holidays now now?08:46
aonno idea08:46
aonas i said, i don't real mailing lists very thoroughly :)08:47
sepenjaeger, don't have any source of this?08:48
sepenwell I'll try to do build my own ucrux08:50
jaegersepen: I'm not in any way connected with uCrux08:52
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Jul 14:14 - sharutils: updated to 4.709:38
tilmanViper_: ziomg, md5sum mismatch for opt/cryptsetup! please investigate/fix09:43
tilmanViper_: also, i had to add --enable-libdevmapper to opt/cryptsetup/Pkgfile to actually make things work10:54
aonanyone get a footprint mismatch with apache where the owner for /var/www and /usr/man is 500:500 instead of root:root?10:54
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Jul 15:53 - sylpheed: update to 2.4.3 || 2 Jul 15:50 - scite: update to 1.74 || 2 Jul 15:50 - dar: update to 2.3.411:09
aoni also get a md5sum mismatch with mysql11:19
aonoh, but that's just because the tarball is broken11:19
j^2crux is dying! crux is dying!11:19
aontwice in a row, hm11:19
tilmanViper_: ping ping ping11:19
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aonmy system seems a bit broken as a whole :)11:26
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Jul 16:24 - uw-imap: update to 2006j || 2 Jul 16:13 - msmtp: update to 1.4.1211:39
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