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j^2hey all07:32
clbUpdate from opt: 3 Jul 12:30 - boehm-gc: updated to version 7.007:44
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clbUpdate from core: 3 Jul 13:36 - man-pages: update to 2.57 || 3 Jul 13:35 - less: update to 406 || 3 Jul 13:33 - iptables: update to 1.3.8 || 3 Jul 13:32 - hdparm: update to 7.6 || 3 Jul 13:31 - ed: update to 0.608:40
j^2busy chan this morning :D08:50
tilmanhello j^2 !08:50
tilmanoy, new freetype09:23
tilmando i dare to update the port?09:23
* jaeger makes an ePSXe port09:26
j^2<-- might be working for09:49
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j^ soon09:49
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jaegerwell, good luck :)10:08
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j^2jaeger: i just gave me two weeks notice10:40
tilman"might work for" and "just gave .. notice"10:42
jaegerwell, I hope you  get the new job, then, hehe10:42
tilmanseems like a strange fit10:42
jaegeranyone in here use epsxe?10:42
j^2oh no, i got the offer, i just was debating weather to take it :P10:44
tilman\o/ then10:45
j^2i've after talking to my ceo, we decided for me to move on10:45
j^2thanks :D10:46
jaegerthen congratulations :)10:47
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jaegerwell, the epsxe port seems to work well :)11:07
j^2Roomster: ping11:13
jaegerheyo, treach11:13
sepen@seen jue11:15
clbsepen: jue was last seen in #crux-devel 12 weeks, 5 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <jue> ok, done11:15
sepen@seen sip11:16
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux-devel 2 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, 12 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <sip> ok, enough oracle bashing for tonight :)11:16
Roomsterj^2, hi11:19
j^2hey talk to me about tor, is it pretty easy to get going?11:19
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j^2can you get through packet analizers and all that?11:20
Romsterj^2, yes its quick and easy.11:26
Romsterjust depinst tor with --install-scripts11:26
j^2nice :D11:26
j^2i might need it soon :D11:27
j^2thanks, ijust wanted to confirm that's all ;)11:27
Romsterthen start the service and depending what you want to do then. you can use irc to it on socks proxy and/or use privoxy to point to tor for web browsing.11:27
j^2what do the packets look like? are they encrypted like ssh? or are they still plain text?11:28
Romsterheh i've done the ahrd work if you look in the Pkgfile :)11:29
Romsterit oculd of been done simpler but i prefer to keep it on its own username.11:29
Romsterj^2, any spefic use?11:30
Romsterthere encripted as far as i know.11:30
j^2not 100% sure yet, i'm setting up something and was just doublechecking tor was the way to go11:30
Romsteri hadn't looked at the packets directly.11:30
j^2ah ok11:32
Romsterdepends if you wanna proxy web stuff you need to use privoxy with tor. tor on its own works fine on irc.11:33
Romsterlikei even use to connect here with.11:33
Romsterthere is *.onion sites too :D11:33
Romsterhidden in tor11:33
Romsteras well as other services.11:33
j^2hehe nice :D11:34
jjpkprivoxy is not essential.11:34
Romsterin hole the internet hides quite alot of stuff that not everyone knows about :)11:34
jjpkFirefox can do SOCKS just fine.11:34
Romsterjjpk, oh really..11:35
treachyo, people. (sorry, was in another terminal. :) )11:36
tilmanyoyo treach11:36
Romsterhi treach11:36
treachhmm, is that contrib ml completely dead or is something wrong with my subscription?11:38
treachbasically I've gotten a handfull of spam from it, and that's pretty much it.11:38
Romsterdunno seems quiet..11:38
* Romster thinks we should move to #crux11:38
Romstertreach, about the same here too.11:39
jaegertreach: it's just dead11:39
treachah, ok. I was beginning to wonder. :)11:39
Romsterjaeger, i got my isp's reverse dns fixed but i still cannot post to the ML and i have a new ip now too..11:41
jaegerwhat happens when you try to post now?11:42
RomsterUndelivered Mail Returned to Sender11:44
Romsteris all..11:44
jaegergot one you can forward me? that part isn't too useful11:45
Romster<>: connect to[]: Connection11:45
Romster    timed out11:45
RomsterReporting-MTA: dns; sv4.per.eftel.com11:45
jaegerah, so it's not an ML problem... you can't even connect to the server11:45
Romsterthere using postfix11:45
jjpkRomster: if the smtp server you are using is blacklisted, fixing your reverse dns accomplishes nothing ;p11:45
Romsterat my isp so it appears.11:46
jaegerit's not even refused, it timed out11:46
jjpkSeems blacklisted because it does not even connect.11:46
Romsteri sent it.11:46
jaegerblacklisted by who? kalmar-ngc?11:47
Romsternope its like a blacklist of my isp to mailserver?11:47
Romsterforwarded the email i recived to you11:47
Romstercould it be i'm sighed up as but i send from my ips smtp of ?11:48
jjpkjaeger: presumably. A drop policy would prevent connections.11:48
Romsterjjpk, well i wan't sure but i didn't likle being called dialup from canberra when i'm in victoria on dsl11:49
Romsteri haev no idea a traceroute maybe?11:49
jaegerI don't see it in a quick rbl lookup11:50
jaegerRomster: the datafast address is subscribed11:50
Romsterit worked in the past then stoped and never worked since as i told ya awhile ago.11:50
Romstertook them ages but they fixed my reverse dns look up issue.11:50
jaegerjjpk: not something we would have blocked intentionally11:51
Romsteron one of them the other 2 is on
jaegernot currently blocked by the iptables rules on the server11:53
jaegerif you can't get a connection to the server, the address you're subscribed with doesn't matter11:53
jaegerdone a traceroute yet?11:53
Romsteri have no idea whats going on...11:54
jaeger(may not help unless you could  get the info from your ISP)11:54
Romsterother than it appears firewalled.11:54
jaegerI can traceroute to from crux.nu11:55
jaegerdon't know what to tell you, might be worth asking your isp to do some troubleshooting11:56
Romsternope traceroute to
Romsteri can access the web site so i doubt i can tracroute anything useful.11:57
Romsteri could send my isp a follow up of the current problem.11:58
jaegerperhaps not11:58
Romsterdroped packets?11:59
jaegermaybe it's something charlie's blocking, no idea there... or it could be your isp. not much I can check since the connection never gets to the crux server11:59
jaegeranyway, gotta go for lunch, back in a bit12:01
Romsterpuzzeled.. i'll eamil them back with the rejected mail and let them do some testing. i can't relaly test anything from here..12:02
Romsterk thanks for seeing if oyu could help yet again12:03
jaegerRomster: can you see the archives on
jaegerI know you said you can reach the site13:18
Romsterjaeger, that loads.13:33
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