IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-07-04

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tilmanViper_: ping? ;D09:48
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jul 16:00 - gl-select: updated for new nvidia versioning scheme || 4 Jul 15:59 - nvidia: updated to version 100.14.11, fixed x11/xorg references in README11:18
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Viper_tilman: pong :)12:35
tilmanViper_: hey12:55
tilmanViper_: can you check on my messages from yesterday?12:55
tilmancryptsetup stuff12:55
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Viper_tilman: ok16:09
Viper_i've fixed the md5sum issue16:11
Viper_but what's wrong with --enable-libdevmapper?16:11
Viper_or better what's wrong if you don't add it to the Pkgfile?16:12
tilmancan't use the luks stuff16:14
tilmanViper_: mhmhmmh.16:14
tilmanViper_: i need to verify that16:14
tilmanViper_: tomorrow ;)16:14
Viper_checking libdevmapper.h presence... yes16:14
Viper_perhaps you've forgotten to install libdevmapper? :)16:14
tilmani'm not sure actually16:15
tilmanmaybe i installed it afterwards16:15
tilmancan't say for sure :/16:15
Viper_prt-get depends cryptsetup16:15
Viper_but adding this option would be ok if it's necessary16:15
Viper_because we use this library anyway16:15
tilmanlet me check again tomorrow16:17
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Jul 21:30 - cryptsetup: fixed md5sum16:49
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 00:12 - gl-select: forgot to bump version19:20
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