IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-07-05

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* jaeger tries to remember who it was that asked him to move the themes in the scummvm port07:16
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 12:06 - libksba: updated to version 1.0.207:22
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j^2morning all07:42
j^2had a good 4th?07:44
jaegernot bad, not too exciting. you?07:44
j^2yeah it was a lot of fun, odd though on a really felt like a saturday07:44
jaegeryeah, seemed that way07:47
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 12:35 - scummvm: removed extra themes directory per request07:52
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 14:11 - fuse: update to 2.7.0 || 5 Jul 14:10 - samhain: update to 2.3.5 || 5 Jul 14:09 - ocaml: update to 3.10.009:22
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clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 16:56 - gl-select: made nvidia routine version-scheme-agnostic and moved the changelog out12:22
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tilmanoops, forgot to push some stuff o_O16:16
clbUpdate from opt: 5 Jul 21:15 - freetype: updated to 2.3.5. || 5 Jul 21:15 - git: updated to
treachdang.. second best this time.. :p16:31
treachyou got it first. :D16:32
tilmanoh, freetype you mean?16:32
tilmanthey say it's a boring maintenance release16:33
tilmanso don't feel too bad ;))16:33
treachwell, those are the best, aren't they? :)16:33
treachless bugs > new broken features imo. :)16:34
tilmani'd like a new release that makes the whole thing faster and lighter on memory16:37
treachtrue enough. :)16:38
treachhowever, not like a few people I used to know, whos actions could be described as "quick, but wrong". :)16:39
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