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clbUpdate from core: 6 Jul 06:55 - tar: update to 1.18 || 6 Jul 06:54 - exim: added -j1 make option || 6 Jul 06:51 - libtool: update to 1.5.24 || 6 Jul 06:50 - e2fsprogs: update to 1.40 || 6 Jul 06:48 - curl: update to 7.16.3 || 6 Jul 06:46 - cpio: update to 2.902:23
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tilmanjjpk: was it the helsinki university of economics that you bitched about some time ago?03:19
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Jul 11:35 - gnupg: updated to version 2.0.5 || 6 Jul 11:35 - libassuan: updated to version 1.0.206:57
Romsterfreetype has a broken url07:01
Romster$version.tar.bz2 < peace in bold needs adding.07:03
* sepen =======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/freetype/freetype#2.3.5-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.07:06
Romstersepen, if you got the source file...07:10
Romsterit would not download till i changed the url07:10
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j^2hey aon08:55
aontwo days after this one to go as a civilian08:56
j^2<--- saw transformers last night, i think i can die a happy man now08:57
jaegergonna go see it today :)08:59
aonthere haven't been many interesting movies lately09:01
* aon still has three free tickets to go09:02
aoninlande empire was quite good09:03
aonthe actual viewing was quite interesting, too09:03
j^2what about "Live free or DIE hard?" :P? Willis's midlife crisis movie :P09:03
aonFinnkino apparently has just one set of reels and they were late, so the film was delayed by 15min or so09:04
aonand _everyone_ in the audience staid until the end of the credits09:04
aon(~10 people, tho)09:04
aonInterviewed at the Venice Film Festival, Laura Dern admitted that she didn't know what Inland Empire was about or the role she was playing, but hoped that seeing the film's premiere at the festival would help her "learn more."09:05
aon(should end in learn more)09:05
j^2hey any of yall have exposure with centos?09:11
jaegera tiny bit09:12
j^2pros cons? advice?09:12
jaegerwell, it's linux. what do you want to accomplish?09:14
j^2i dunno, it's gonna be one of those things i have to start working with at this new job.. being it's RHEL it uses /etc/syscfg?09:15
j^2sysconfig i mean09:15
jaegernothing too exciting about it. it works well enough09:15
jjpktilman: yep that's the institute I bitched about11:37
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clbUpdate from xorg: 6 Jul 16:37 - xorg-xrandr: updated to 1.2.2. || 6 Jul 16:35 - xorg-libxcomposite: updated to 0.4.0. || 6 Jul 16:32 - xorg-compositeproto: updated to 0.4. || 6 Jul 16:30 - xorg-xf86-video-i810: updated to 2.1.0. || 6 Jul 16:26 - xorg-xf86-video-nv: updated to 2.1.1. || 6 Jul 16:23 - xorg-libxfont: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Jul 20:56 - wireshark: updated to
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