IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-07-07

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treachtilman , jaeger could either one of you please give libgd a small bump, since sip is absent?03:02
treach.34 has been (re)moved, and apparently been superceeded by .35. :)03:03
treachseems to be kind of a good idea too ->
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tilmanthanks treach06:28
clbUpdate from opt: 7 Jul 11:35 - [security] libgd: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Jul 18:10 - pinentry: updated to version 0.7.313:32
aonheh, new arnuldblog post15:01
tilmanany new quote material?15:11
treachrofl, well, at least he should have *some* insights in the art of installing gentoo. ;D15:15
treachconsidering the number of times he's done it. ;D15:15
treach"no OFFENCES" LOL, well, installing gentoo should be one.. ;D15:16
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clbUpdate from opt: 7 Jul 23:13 - wine: updated to 0.9.4018:33
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