IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-07-09

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j^2morning all08:21
j^2life going well today prologic ?08:23
prologicmoe or less08:26
j^2eh, monday mornings always suc08:26
j^2i need to get my diet rockstar from my car, but i'm too tired/lazy to get there08:26
prologicoh well08:26
prologica diet rockstar ?08:27
j^2energy drink08:27
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treachregister kovalla09:35
treachindeed. getting a bit tired, should probably take a break before setting up bitlbee. :)09:41
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j^2treach: bitlbee?09:55
treachmessing with my laptop right now.09:58
treachbitlbee = THE tool for console IM. :)09:59
j^2yeah, i've only used it through their main server10:02
j^2never tried the client10:02
jjpkIt's not a client at all.10:05
treach"client"? You set up your own server, which is pretty simple.10:05
j^2<-- know's nothing it seems about bitlbee10:05
treachand it's not exacly heavyweighe either.10:05
j^2hmm..i think i'll give it a shot10:06
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