IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-07-10

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clbUpdate from xorg: 10 Jul 11:32 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to
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tilman@seen mavrick6107:53
clbtilman: I have not seen mavrick61.07:53
jaeger-he's been on more recently than clb sees in #crux but he doesn't speak08:00
tilmanhe was around in late may08:01
tilmanat least.08:01
jjpkclb seems to only notice when someone speaks.08:01
prologicI think you'll find he doesn't come on with the nick maverick08:02
prologicI recall maverick--, etc08:02
prologicI could search my irc logs08:02
prologicalternatively assuming he has setup mail properly on that box08:02
prologicyou could email root@crux.nu08:02
tilmandon't think so08:03
tilmani think simonejaegerjue get those08:03
Romstererr maverick61___08:05
Romstervarys the underscores.08:05
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cptnhey there08:08
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jaeger-heyo, cptn08:15
jaeger-and Viper_08:15
Viper_hey jaeger-08:15
cptnhey jaeger-08:15
jaeger-and treach from earlier08:15
cptnlong time no see08:15
cptnalthough I'll take the blame for that :-)08:15
jaeger-how are things going?08:16
cptnpretty okay08:16
Viper_yeah same here08:16
cptnthe summer's somewhat disappointing so far08:16
cptnlots of rain, fairly low temperatures08:16
Viper_in my town it has already been very hot.. but now it's raining :(08:16
cptnthis May was the hotest Mays since they're tracking temperatures around here08:17
cptnjaeger-: what about you?08:17
cptnfeeling at home in your house?08:18
jaeger-it's been raining a LOT here08:18
jaeger-cptn: yeah, the house is great :)08:19
jaeger-I hate mowing the lawn but I hated that before I ever bought the house, heh08:19
cptnI'm still waiting for the pictures of your network installation... :-)08:19
jaeger-I haven't decided how I want to clean up the wiring in the utility room yet but I'll post some pictures anyway when I get home08:20
cptnoh, I got the Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition last week08:20
jaeger-how is it?08:21
cptnpretty :-)08:21
cptnI haven't played the original, so I can't really tell whether it's the same08:21
cptnbut it's very close to TR8 in terms of graphics and gameplay08:21
cptnerr, TR7 of course08:22
jaeger-the next game I'm really looking forward to is Bioshock08:23
cptnthe screenshots look somewhat creepy :-)08:25
cptnbut impressive at the same time08:25
j^2moring all08:47
j^2hey cptn :D08:47
cptnhi j^208:47
j^2how's life going cptn ?08:49
cptnpretty good08:50
j^2always good :D08:50
cptnyeah... what about you?08:51
cptnany exciting news?08:51
j^2starting a new job on the 18th, for a linux based company :D08:51
cptnnice, congratulations08:52
j^2that's probably what i'll be developing ond supporting08:52
j^2more money, more along my career path :D08:52
j^2thanks :D08:52
cptnsounds like a sensible move then :-)08:53
j^2yep :D08:53
j^2honestly we miss having you around :-/08:55
cptnoh well, sometimes I miss it too08:55
cptnat the same time, I wasn't bored a second lately08:56
cptnIOW I just neglected other things before to work on crux08:56
j^2yeah that's what happens with hobbies i guess, isnt the saying "there's a thin line between hobbies and mentel disorders?" or something to that effect08:57
cptnand then, I still get to hang out with the devs on #crux-devel :-)08:58
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clbUpdate from opt: 11 Jul 01:18 - xchat: updated to version 2.8.420:23
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