IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-07-16

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j^2morning all08:03
j^2what time is it GMT?08:05
treachhmm. 1500? *Too lazy to find out*08:05
treachs/00/06/ ;)08:06
j^2i missed the 1400 deadline for my diplomacy game :(08:06
treachAs I said, I'm not sure, so there's still hope :p08:07
treachit's 1308 here. :)08:07
j^2nice :D08:07
treachyeah, sitting outside in the shade and enjoying it. :))08:08
j^2what's the temputure where you are at?08:09
treachI'll have a look. :)08:12
treach25 C, and mostly a clear blue skye. :D08:13
j^2basicly perfect ;)08:13
j^2it's like 92 F here :(08:14
treachyeah :)08:14
treachtoo hot.08:14
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clbUpdate from opt: 16 Jul 13:33 - gimp: updated to version 2.2.1708:52
tilmantreach is a lucky bastard10:47
tilmanwe've got > 30C10:47
tilmaninsane :(10:47
tilmanoffice w/o AC ftl10:48
jjpkno AC ftl :s10:54
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treachjaeger-: ping  ->
jaeger-looking, thanks14:19
treachcool. :)14:23
* treach scores another one for protecting the unknowing masses, which will never thank him. :)14:24
jjpkAnother thankless job. ;)14:24
treachindeed. :)14:25
treachwell, jaeger- did. :)14:25
jjpkMy thanks to both of you then :p14:25
tilmantreach jaeger- \o/14:28
treach"the dynamic duo strikes again" :P14:29
clbUpdate from opt: 16 Jul 19:23 - [notify] firefox-flash-player: updated to version, see http://www.adobe ...14:52
prologictreach, thank you :)15:18
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