IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-07-17

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j^2morning all09:02
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treachanyone started playing with glibc2.6 yet, since it's listed as the "current" release now?13:17
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jaeger-not I13:37
jaeger-hrmm... I need to update a crux 2.1 box to 2.3 with as little downtime as possible13:39
treachheh, new wine featuring - guess what.. :D13:49
jaeger-bug fixes!13:49
treacha winner is you! :p13:49
jaeger-to celebrate my winning I will now install oracle 10g13:50
treachhaha, that sounds more like punishment, imo. :)13:51
j^2jaeger-: better or worse then a root canal? ;)13:51
jaeger-well, I've never had a root canal and I'd prefer to keep it that way... so I'll go with better for now13:52
jaeger-treach: compared to 9i, it's great :)13:52
treachj^2: oracle isn't too bad, unless you have some other application you have to get it working with..13:52
jaeger-but I can see why you'd say that13:52
j^2bizzzzz! goes the drill13:52
treachjaeger-: Yeah, I know, I've tried them both. :/13:52
jaeger-right now I'm installing 10g on a machine that's already running 9i in order to test an upgrade of the database between those two versions13:52
j^2treach: i've never actaully had hands on experiance with oracle13:52
treachtoo bad the crap I was trying to use it with demanded 9i, and refused to work with 10g..13:53
jaeger-I'm grateful every day that I'm an oracle sysadmin... NOT an oracle developer13:53
treachheh, well there's lotus notes as well, if you want a challenge. :D13:54
treachyou've got to love the way oracle manages to be incompatible with itself on a upgrade. :s13:57
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jaeger-warning! oracle database upgrade in progress14:48
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tilmanjaeger-: should we cross fingers?14:50
jaeger-couldn't hurt14:51
tilmanunfortunately i'm so stuffed i'm not sure whether i'm physically able to do that14:52
j^2tilman: heh15:22
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jaeger-any germans about?18:35

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