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j^2_hey all08:05
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j^2how's your week going jaeger ? happy one more day left?08:12
j^2dont you have the 1/2 days right now too? (summer and all)?08:12
jaegeryeah, and I take half a day of vacation on fridays during june and july, so today's the last day of the work week for me :)08:13
jaegerthe week's going reasonably well, yours?08:14
j^2well it seems that the org sys admin didnt really create anything with the default settings, so i'm in the process of leaning the ropes.  speaking of which, do you know of any great sources for qmail? sites etc?08:15
jaegerI'm not up to date on qmail, haven't used it in years08:15
j^2yeah that's the feeling i'm getting. i thought i got it, it seems that it's far from  like riding a bike :-/08:16
treachmh, know that feeling.. I haven't used mutt and friends for quite some time, and apparenly I had removed the .procmailrc.08:20
treachalong with the fetchmail one. :/08:20
treachit's ok, At least my .muttrc was still around. :p09:07
jjpkCrux 2.1 is quite the hit.09:30
tilmanjaeger: you're working only half the day during summer?11:43
jaegeron fridays only, in june and july11:45
tilmanoh, i see11:45
jaegerthey try to be nice to us here :)11:47
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tilmanaon: welcome back from the woods12:54
j^2hey :D12:54
j^2how was the quest? dod you recieve the sword of might and malace?12:55
jaegermalace is latin for malice12:57
* jaeger makes shit up12:57
aonhaven't spent much time in the woods :)12:57
aonj^2: uhm, no :)12:57
tilmani was speaking figuarely12:57
tilmanin figure12:57
tilmanin figures12:57
aon"from the dark-green jail" would probably be more appropriate :)12:58
j^2...running drugs again? :P?12:58
j^2i hand a feeling you were a herion mule, only someone with you wm set up hand to be a druggie :P12:59
* treach gets the feeling j^2 is his own best customer.13:02
tilmanhammered 24/713:02
aonanyway, it's not that bad :)13:03
aonexcept for the mornings :)13:03
tilmanwhat about the food? :p13:04
aonit's quite good13:04
aonalthough there's not always much time to eat13:04
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treachthen it's back to digging holes in the ground and doing push-ups. ;)13:05
aonlike today i ate dinner in like <5min and ran back to the barracks to shave my beard :)13:05
* tilman has spaghetti with insanely spiced tuna13:07
aonthat's quite what the dinner was, btw13:08
aonbut pasta instead of spaghetti13:08
aonand not insanely spicy13:08
treachand alaskan pollock instead of tuna. ;)13:08
aonno, it was tuna :)13:09
aonthe food is really quite ok :)13:09
treachyeah, I remember that as well.13:09
aoncamp food is quite horrible though, i've heard13:10
aonor not all of it13:10
aoni hope i get where i want and don't have to camp a lot :)13:11
treachhehe, we had our own kitchen with trained cooks with us when we were out in the field. :P13:11
aonyeah, we too have external kitchen-personnel13:11
aonand not conscripts13:11
aonwhich is nice13:11
treachtilman: battalion staff platoon which has a field kitchen.13:12
aonalso some of the medical personnel are non-military13:12
treachs /platoon/company/13:12
tilmani've got no idea what that means anyway13:12
tilmanoh well13:13
treachwhat it means? No canned food for the people on that company. :)13:13
tilmani meant the 'batallion staff company" thing13:14
aoncompany is apparently what we call "komppania" here, something like 200 men13:14
tilmanstaff just means officers/higher ups? :o13:14
treachI think I had to dig into those canned things like 3-4 times during my 297 days. :)13:15
treachaon: the staff is a bit smaller than the fighting companies, I think we were around 120, or so.13:15
aonah, okay13:17
aoni think our communications company is around 200 men13:17
aonlike, around 200 recruits13:18
aonplus the corporals and two medics and the writer and hired staff13:18
aonor something13:18
aonand the Sisu XA-180 drivers from the previous batch of conscripts :)13:19
aonor XA-202 rather13:19
treachI think I get the picture. Sligtly differnt recipe, same soup. :)13:20
aoni don't have a really clear picture of the swedish army, most of what i know is from a miniseries about john ausonius :)13:21
clbUpdate from core: 19 Jul 18:38 - ed: updated to 0.7.14:06
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treachnew opera, apparently security related.15:22
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Jul 21:33 - [notify] opera: updated to 9.2216:34
treachlifesigns from sip?16:39
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