IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-07-21

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tilman(03:13) -!- treach [n=treach@unaffiliated/treach] has quit ["In Soviet Kalmar  maverick fixes YOU!"]15:27
tilmanonly saw that now15:27
treachprologic didn't though, I guess. :)15:30
tilmanwere you referring to the aussie's connection problems?15:33
tilmani didn't hear from maverick btw15:33
tilmanpretty not-so-funny15:33
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treachtilman: are you there?17:35
treachstupid question.. but how do I make ck4up like the name "libsigc++"...?17:36
treachmmh the only way I forgot to try. :/17:37
treachthanks, apparently that did it. :)17:39
prologicso is are the mailing lists fixed yet ?17:42 does have mx records now. It is possible I suppose.17:44
prologicstill can't send mail through17:51
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