IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-07-22

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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Jul 09:43 - mathopd: update to 1.5p6 || 22 Jul 09:42 - sqlite3: update to 3.4.1 || 22 Jul 09:40 - sylpheed: update to 2.4.4 || 22 Jul 09:39 - wvdial: update to 1.6004:50
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tilmanall those idiots in #crux piss me off05:29
prologicwhat you meant to /msg <some random crux dev> ... :) ?05:29
tilmanjust kidding05:30
aonor /j #the-channel-where-theres-nobody-else-but-me05:30
prologicgood channel05:30
prologicmust join that :)05:30
aonremember, the one that was founded so that we can badmouth the people on #crux-devel, too, now that it is public? :)05:30
prologicwhat can I say, crux is soo stable #crux chatter is often boring and off-topic :)05:31
tilmanaon: that channel seems to be empty these days05:31
aontotal of 1 nicks05:31
treachhow about some chat about the exciting upcoming new .23 kernel, glibc2.6 or crux 2.4? :P05:32
tilmanany ideas about kick ass features in crux 2.4?05:33
tilmanexcept c-based pkgutils05:33
prologicasif anyone would talk about that :)05:33
prologicwe already have that right ?05:33
tilmannot sure i'd want to use bd2's version05:33
prologicaren't we already ?05:34
prologicmy mistake :)05:34
prologichow come /usr/bin/pkgadd is an ELF binrary then ?05:34
prologicon a fresh 2.3 system that is05:34
tilmanthat's the most dumb question i've heard all week05:35
tilmandumbest, even05:35
tilmanprologic: what else would it be?05:35
prologicI thought it was a bash script05:36
tilmanprologic: a.out has been abandoned ages ago :)05:36
tilmanonly pkgmk is a bash script05:36
prologicoh wait05:36
prologicthat's pkgmk :)05:36
tilmanpkg{add,info,rm} are c++05:36
prologicsilly me :)05:36
treachsarah used to be here, until she defected to arch.05:36
aonwrong ch05:37
treachwrong window, I lose, again. :/05:37
prologichow bout a better pkgget and a crux binary repository ?05:38
tilmandon't think so05:39
treachwho needs yabd?05:42
prologicdon't we support both though ?05:43
prologica better pkgget would make for deployment on multiple marhinces of similar architectures very easy and quick05:44
treachprologic: vim pkgget.c :>05:47
prologicwhy bother if tilman says "I don't think so"05:47
prologicI ain't gonna develop something no-one will use05:47
treachpresumeably you would, since you asked for it. :>05:48
tilmani just don't think that binary packages are a big concern for most crux users05:49
prologicok fair enough05:49
prologicprobably because most crux users are single-users05:49
prologicand don't maintain much more than a desktop or laptop05:49
prologicI guess I'm the only one that deploys crux systems at x>=3 :)05:50
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treachcould someone give qt3 a kick in the pants to 3.3.8 ?10:46
* jaeger runs away10:47
treachhah, it's a scary one. :)10:48
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tilman"Linus' [sic] job is [...]"11:12
tilmanjaeger: is that a case of someone not understanding proper apostrophe use?11:13
jaegerno, that's correct. if a name ends in s you don't add 's to make it possessive11:13
jaegertilman's job, linus' job are equivalent11:13
jaegeradd it to the list of stupid things in the english language11:13
tilmani mean the [sic] part11:14
tilmanit's correct11:14
tilmanso the [sic] is wrong11:14
jaegerI would think so, yes11:14
jaegerI guess whoever wrote/said that thinks it's archaic11:14
treachor he just thinks he knows how to use the apostophe, and everyone else doesn't. :p11:16
jaegerthat's certainly a common attitude, heh11:16
jjpkEnglish grammar ftw.11:21
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aontilman: 0'rly? :)13:41
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treachsorken har landat?15:19
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