IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-07-23

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rcameronhi all04:47
rcamerondoes anyone here know how to re-master the CRUX 2.3 installation ISO?04:47
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j^2hey guys08:08
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j^2crazy italians10:31
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treachzork zork.15:28
tilmanwow, the log is full with him joining and quitting15:30
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treach"sork" means field-mouse, so where's the guy with the pipe? :p15:32
* tilman doesn't get that15:33
tilmanwhy a pipe?15:33
treachok, it's a bit farfetched I guess.15:33
tilmanyou want to hit and kill the mouse with a pipe?15:34
tilmani was thinking of the smoking device :D15:34
treachlots of him, made me think of "der rattenfänger".15:34
tilmanthe guy who wrote that "cool" panel for gnome now started a firefox based desktop project15:55
jaegercool panel?15:59
tilmani forget the name, but it had some fancy features iirc15:59
jjpkborking zorks16:00
treachhm, isn't there already such a project..?16:03
treachtotally forgotten it's name though. :/16:04
j^2firefox based desktop?!?16:15
treachmmh, symphony, I think. Maybe I got it wrong though.16:23
jjpkAnother brilliant idea to be ripped from microsoft. :p16:34
jjpkIt should not be too hard to replicate difficulties.16:34
treachidea ripped from microsoft? Is that possible?17:08
treachcould they have had a single original idea in their entire existence?17:08
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