IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2007-07-26

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tilmandoes jaeger read the logs, too?05:34
tilmanlet's see05:34
tilmanjaeger: arch has a patch for libsndfile for flac:
treach@seen jaeger05:35
clbtreach: jaeger was last seen in #crux-devel 6 hours, 19 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <jaeger> seems libsndfile doesn't build with the new flac05:35
treachhe's probably not too far away05:36
tilmanhe probably is05:36
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/usr/share/zoneinfo] > TZ=US/Central date05:37
tilmanThu Jul 26 05:36:40 CDT 200705:37
tilmantilman@hammerfest [/usr/share/zoneinfo] >05:37
tilmani'm not sure whether that's his timezone, but it's probably not too far off ;)05:37
treachgone to dreamland, eh?05:37
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tilmanjaeger: arch has a patch for libsndfile for flac:07:58
jaegernice :) I was about to look in portage08:00
tilmanwow, libvorbis 1.2.008:15
j^2hey guys08:16
tilmanwow, flac 1.2.0, too08:16
tilmanhey jaeger08:16
tilmanj^2: hey08:17
j^2how's your day going tilman ?08:17
tilmanmy notebook just arrived08:18
tilmannew toys ftw08:18
jaegerheyo, j^208:18
jaegertilman: nice :) what did you get?08:18
j^2hey jaeger :D08:18
tilmanjaeger: an hp 53008:19
j^2tilman: ooo nice08:19
tilmanit's a dated model i think08:19
tilmanbut i didn't want to spend much money08:19
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jul 13:20 - openbox: updated to 3.4.3. || 26 Jul 13:06 - [notify] tcpdump: update to 3.9.7 || 26 Jul 13:03 - libpcap: update to 0.9.7 || 26 Jul 13:02 - gkrellm: updatee to 2.3.008:23
clbUpdate from core: 26 Jul 13:09 - man-pages: update to 2.6308:23
j^2we should turn clb into a femebot :-P08:29
tilmana what?08:30
j^2when ever someone idles for like 8 hours then says something clb should say "Hey $nick how was your day, would you like a beer, dinner'll be ready in 30 minutes :-*"08:32
j^2....internet love cant be beat08:33
tilmanhah, those glossy displays are way cool :D08:37
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jul 14:03 - vorbis-tools: fixed FLAC support. || 26 Jul 13:52 - libvorbis: updated to 1.2.0. || 26 Jul 13:44 - flac: updated to
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jaegerevery time I want to update netpbm I can't reach aon's site10:47
treachhe's probably back in the army again.10:48
tilmanjaeger: can we give him an account on so he can use that?10:48
treach"the aonymous soldier". :)10:49
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jul 15:36 - scorched3d: updated to version 40.1d || 26 Jul 15:35 - openal: reverted to version 0.0.8 due to svn breakage10:53
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j^2wow i didnt know we had crux v2.6.15.6  :P13:43
j^2jaeger: working on the updated-iso pretty extesively eh? :P13:43
tilmanjesus fucking christ, vista pisses me off13:45
treachisn't that why you have crux?13:46
* treach takes cover13:46
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tilmani decided to create recovery discs for this notebook13:47
treach"recover" and "windows", isn't that a contradiction? :p13:48
treachwindows was desiged to make people deranged, if they weren't already :/13:50
jaegerj^2: not much recently :P14:14
tilmanphew, succeeded in transfering the craptastic dvd rescue image to this box14:22
Romsterwhy bother with vista...14:23
Romsterof all people tilman with vista O_o14:23
tilmannot sure how hp deals with warranty crap if there's linux on the notebook14:24
Romsteri don't even boot up xp pro anymore.14:24
Romstereh good point.14:24
Romsterthey wouldn't support it.14:24
tilmanbut does it void the warranty if i install linux on it? :)14:24
Romsterbut still that shouldn't include hardware.14:24
tilmani don't _think_ so14:24
Romsteri'm not sure.14:25
Romsteri wouldn't /think/ so either.14:25
jjpkManufacturers probably refuse to support anything that has been tampered with too much.14:25
Romsterdual boot it?14:25
tilmanwell, this whole thing is nuts14:25
Romsteri'd not touch a laptop with specalised branded windows anyways.14:26
Romstermy brother has vista and got trojans in the first 2 weeks.14:27
Romsterthat i had to remove.14:27
jaegerI suppose the best way to upgrade a 2.1 box would be to 2.2 and then to 2.3, right?14:35
Romsterhmm slow way, and even then 2.3 is way out on the ports tree now.14:36
Romstershouldn't we have a 2.3.1?14:36
jaegerI'd probably go to 2.2 and then use my updated ISO for the 2.3 upgrade14:36
Romsterthat sounds better.14:36
Romsterhmm i keep getting a 404 on scorched3d14:40
treachhow about 2.1 -> 2.3 via iso?14:41
treachprobably the fastest way, at least.14:41
jaegernot technically supported14:42
jaegerpackage renames/injects might cause some hiccups14:42
treachthat's true. :/14:42
treachwiping is not an option I guess?14:42
jaegerpreferably not14:43
jaegerat the worst I could make tape backups of /home and likely be ok but I'd rather avoid it14:43
Romsteri did one machine manually14:43
treachhm, you don't have home separate?14:43
jaegerdowntime for upgrades is likely to be less than downtime for a reinstall14:43
Romsterwhen i went from 2.2 -> 2.314:43
jaegertreach: no :( and I have no idea why it wasn't separated out from the start14:44
jaegerI'd like to repartition it sometime14:44
treachmeh. too bad. :/14:44
Romsterjaeger, why not singe user mode pkgadd all of core? remove anything thats not in core anymore and rejmerge reboot then sysup.14:44
jaegerthat's a possibility, just trying to decide which one takes less time14:45
Romsterwell actually boot off the cd chroot then do that manually.14:45
Romsteri managed it and i'm not as advanced as you lot.14:45
jaegerit's a matter of time involved, really, not so much difficulty :)14:46
jaegerproduction server, want to minimize downtime14:46
Romsterless downtime as possable.14:46
Romsterya i understand that.14:46
Romsterwell you want to repartition, how big of a drive and whats on it?14:47
Romstertransfer to another hdd if you got space too.14:47
Romsterinstall a fresh 2.3 and restore your configs.14:47
Romsterand transfer the rest back after.14:47
Romsterthis is linux for ya more than one way todo something :)14:48
jaeger /home is the most important and it's 12G, I could back it up, repartition, and restore it, to tape or to another server over the network... but it'll take a long time14:49
jaegerI think 2.1 -> 2.2 -> 2.3 is probably shorter in the long run. I don't think there will be time for the repartition yet14:49
Romsterwhy the hell did i have to edit the url to surfnet for scorched3d to download, you would think all sourceforge mirrors would have the file mirrored. or transfer to another server if it 404's on one.14:51
jaegerno idea, the url as written worked great for me14:51
Romstercpio it?14:52
* Romster shrugs14:52
Romstershitty sourceforge.14:52
Romsternot our problem.14:52
jaegersf was a great idea but they can't seem to settle on a solid implementation for downloads14:52
Romsteryeah i could think of a good setup that would haev them all sync.14:53
treachmmh, we're having quite a lot of problems from something that "isn't our problem" :/14:53
Romsterjaeger, you used cpio?14:53
jaegeryeah, though I generally opt for tar instead14:53
Romsteri got a command prologic used and it works wonders between machines.14:54
jaegerI use something like tar cpf - . | ssh -l <user> server "cat > backup.tar"14:55
Romster# find . -not -path "./dev*" -not -path "./proc*" -not -path "./sys*" -print0 | cpio --format=crc -0 -o | ssh -C root@$HOST cd /home/$BACKUP_NAME \; cpio --verbose -i -d14:55
Romsterdoes it on the fly14:56
jaegeris there some benefit to it instead of rsync, though, for example?14:57
Romsternot sure other than ya can run it right away and not mess with rsync, i haven't setup rsync to compare it to.14:58
jaegerfortunately there's not a lot of "mess with" involved14:58
Romsterbe intersting to see which method is faster.14:58
Romstersupose you could rsync it across too.14:59
Romstertransfering a tar filewith cat over ssh, could that method be risky with out error detection?15:00
tilmando you trust scp?15:01
Romsterother than tcp crc and ssh protocol crc's what ever ssh uses.15:01
tilmansame thing basically15:01
Romstereh true, scp seems to be ok.15:01
Romstermy next hdd setup ideal would be a fast 15,000rpm for / and a noral 7,200 sata raid for /home15:02
Romsteri might be going overboard with that idea, a solid state drive for / might be intersting too. and keep /var off and /log off of it. *shrugs*15:04
Romsterjaeger, its a guess which you wanna do15:05
tilmanRomster: and /tmp :)15:05
Romsterrepartitoning would create alot more downtime than a pkgadd of core.15:05
Romsterah yes can't forget /tmp15:05
Romstertmp should be on a fast hdd but preferbly off the OS hdd would haev to have a second fast hdd and it could do swapspace and /var/tmp still space left for something else that needs speed too.15:12
* tilman just uses tmpfs for /tmp15:12
tilmanie, it's in ram resp swap15:12
tilmanthis doesn't work for servers with large /tmp filesystems though15:13
Romsteryeah i'm talking what hdd would have the swap partiton, tmpfs handles swaping it in and out of ram.15:13
Romsterwould love to use ZFS instead of making a raid but dunno if linus will let it into the kernel15:15
tilmandon't hold your breath :)15:16
Romsteri won't.15:19
Romsterhow do you know when the load is that high that you ya need a faster system :P15:20
Romster06:18:46 up 13 days, 18:13,  1 user,  load average: 7.49, 6.11, 4.0815:20
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Jul 19:58 - librsync, rdiff: added patch for large file support ( ...15:24
Romsterhmm i guess jaeger is gonna rsync and repartiton.15:25
Romsterjaeger, scorched3d compiled ok with openal r142615:29
jaegerI haven't decided what to do yet... someone threw a fit about a publicly available upload script and some porn/drugs images/pages15:40
tilmanporn? /me perks up15:40
tilmanjaeger: one of your boxes has been cracked?15:41
jaegernot at all; it's just that a couple users have public upload CGIs installed15:48
tilmanoh, i see15:48
jaegerthey've made the directories writable by everyone and someone out there figured out they could upload something besides a jpg15:48
jaegersorry for the delayed response, been on the phone about this crap, too15:48
Romsterah thats not good..16:05
Romstersounds like a security breach16:05
jaegerit's stupidity, not security16:08
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tilmanjaeger: nice look on your website/blog16:39
treach"poke a few holes in the wall". easier said than done. :/16:42
jaegerthanks :)16:50
jaegerhrmm... I tried to block an ssh attack with iptables and it's completely ignoring my rules16:51
jaegerwonder how that's possible16:52
treachanother rule higher up letting it through?16:52
jaegerperhaps so16:53
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Romsterdenyhosts :P17:04
Romsterbut its using deny and allow files instead of iptables.17:04
Romsterkeeps badies out though.17:05
jaegerfixed it, it was another rule above17:09
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Romstersudo-1.6.9p1 is out.19:46
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