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tilmancool shit03:30
tilmanor i'm a dumbass03:31
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cptnhello #crux-devel :-)07:01
tilmanhey cptn :)07:02
sepenheyo cptn, nice to see you here07:03
cptnhi sepen, thanks07:03
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* tilman likes shiny laptop :]08:17
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j^2yay for idlebot!08:35
j^2morning ;)08:35
tilmanhello j2bot!08:36
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aontilman: yep, i was11:27
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j^2aon: hey :D13:34
aonhi j^2 :)13:36
j^2aon: back from duty? ;)13:38
aonyep, until sunday :)13:38
j^2wow, how many more weeks left?13:38
aon343 days if i get where i want :)13:39
aon161 or 251 if not13:40
j^2what are you options?13:40
j^2ahh your13:40
j^2like is it "deployment?"13:41
j^2different jobs?13:41
aonwell, yeah13:41
j^2what types?13:41
aonall kinds13:41
aoni'd like to become an electronics repairman13:42
j^2wow, like radios and all?13:42
aonbut there are all kinds of things like drivers, cooks, clerical officers13:42
aonand "normal" soldiers ofc13:43
aonyep, mostly radios13:43
aonand some are trained for some specific weapon13:43
j^2i cant join the military, i kinda wish i could have, when i was 1813:43
j^2what do you want yours to be? ;)13:43
aonwell, soldering iron? :)13:44
j^2good answer13:44
aoneveryone gets trained to use an assault rifle, a bazooka, some hand and smoke (possibly light, can't remember) grenades and mines13:45
j^2oh crazy13:45
aonfirst the assault rifle, that's what we have been doing lately mostly13:46
aonor in most brigades 7,62RK6213:46
aonbut we have the folding stock version for some reason13:47
aonapparently because of some special tasks the brigade has13:47
aonlike training international troops, dunno13:47
aonprobably not that, i don't think they use RK95's13:47
j^2wow...pretty ;)13:47
jjpkI get in on the fun next year's july. :p13:48
j^2it looks...efficient ;)13:48
j^2i'd expect no less from the finnish :P13:48
aon"Kalashnikov done right" or something :)13:48
aoni'm quite a crappy shooter, though :)13:55
treachheh, kalashnikovs aren't sniperrifles anyway. :)13:58
clbUpdate from opt: 27 Jul 18:34 - fontforge: updated to 20070723 || 27 Jul 18:34 - wine: updated to 0.9.42 || 27 Jul 18:34 - cmus: updated to 2.2.013:58
jjpkAt least not for long range nor that accurate sniping. :D14:00
aonbut you should get headshots from 150m and body shots from 300m14:01
aonthat's the educational goal14:01
treachhm, not with the original. :)14:01
aonno, but with the valmet/sako versions14:01
treachI guess you're not using the same ammo either anymore, or it would be impossible.14:02
aonwe are...14:02
aonand i even heard it being done, when they counted the scores of some others14:03
aon"ten, ten, ten, nine, nine, nine, ..."14:03
aonand the 10-9 region is probably smaller than a cd14:03
aoni got some there too, but not that much :)14:04
treachmh, I meant the same original, russian ammo.14:04
aonthey're of the same size but manufactured here14:05
treachbetter precision, I bet.14:05
aon(i find it funny how you see the overall image of the "enemy" from the construction of the weapon)14:05
aon(so that it's easy to take advantage of theirs, if found)14:06
treach"know your enemy". :)14:06
treachwhat better way than using the same weapons? :D14:06
aon(the magazine probably fits too)14:06
treachI've used the akm, with russian ammo. Lots of smoke and bullets all over the place. :D14:07
aonwell, this rifle interoperability has some history14:08
jaegertime to figure out how to setup SLI on the linux side, rawr14:08
treachbut it's a nice piece. reliable, nice big parts you don't lose in the dark and certainly useable as a club, if need would arise. :p14:09
aonsince they used russian rifle locks (if it's called that) in the winter war because of they were more loose and could put up with more crap :)14:09
aontreach: the rk95 is a better club because it's machined and not made of sheet metal :)14:10
treachwell, the one I was using had a wood stock, etc. :)14:10
aonwas that, like, a licensed civilian firearm? :)14:11
treachno, part of military training.14:11
treachwe tried the m16 too, utter peice of crap.14:11
jaegerdoh! I can't reach at the moment14:11
aonwhy would you use those in the military if you can't hit anything with them? :)14:12
treachaon: it's about how close you are. :)14:12
treachand here you don't see much at any range that would give better precision much advantage.14:13
treachjaeger: seems like it works for me.14:13
jaegerlooks like it was temporary, I can reach it now14:14
jaegercontrib failed, core worked14:14
jaegerhrmm, odd... lspci reports my 2 video cards are on the same root bridge but SLI works great in windows...14:24
* jaeger will try a newer kernel14:24
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jaegerhrmm.. sees it the same way14:54
jaegerwhich sucks because I can't use SLI in linux14:54
jaegeror any X, it seems14:58
jaegerooh, maybe it does work but wfb is the problem15:05
jaegerwell, it works with one GPU running, at least15:14
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jjpkGah. Vista is damned exhausting to use.15:16
aon"surprise" :)15:16
jjpkNot a big surprise.15:16
jjpkThe only pleasant surprise in my opinion was how smoothly it ran.15:18
jjpkNevertheless, booting it was complete misery.15:18
jaegerhow so?15:19
jjpkIt took ages, even compared to their former box with windows me. o_o15:20
jjpkI'd say it was a nice trade off.15:21
jjpkLengthen the boot time, but you get a working system.15:21
jjpkThe old macine would boot relatively quickly, but it more often than not crash.15:21
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jaegerarg, committed the wrong version of the nvidia port15:47
jaegerno more messing with ports for now, I can't concentrate well enough for some reason :P15:51
jjpkFridays. :p15:52
Romsterjaeger, :P15:53
Romsterjaeger, did you update libsndfile? i saw your message the other day it was broken.15:54
Romsteri've emakiled a patch update to sip for sudo but i bet my email bounces again.15:56
aonwhy not use the bug tracker, then?15:57
Romsterhmm thats a point..15:57
Romsterlazy and sending a email is faster.15:57
clbUpdate from opt: 27 Jul 20:50 - nvidia: again, this time with the correct Pkgfile (without specific version numbers) || 27 Jul 20:30 - gl-select: removed extraneous echo || 27 Jul 20:29 - nvidia: added symlink15:59
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tilmanzOrK: does your join and quit game serve a specific reason?16:24
tilmanmmh, you probably fixed that16:24
zOrKwhich game serve?16:24
tilman"join and quit game"16:27
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jaegergame on!16:28
jjpkImagine that.16:37
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