IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-07-28

clbUpdate from core: 28 Jul 08:02 - autoconf: added -j1 make option, removed useless rm statement || 28 Jul 08:00 - groff: added -j1 make option || 28 Jul 08:00 - mktemp: added -j1 make option03:30
clbUpdate from opt: 28 Jul 08:07 - cdparanoia: added -j1 make option || 28 Jul 08:07 - ghostscript: added -j1 make option03:30
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tilmanmmh, well.06:00
tilmansip: don't expect any code changes though :D06:08
treachyay, rakt is still alive. :)06:25
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clbUpdate from opt: 28 Jul 11:37 - lftp: updated to
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siptilman: thanks!08:54
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tilmani found arnuld on kerneltrap i think14:01
jjpkThere are too few spelling mistakes.14:06
aonyeah, and come on, "disenfranchised"14:07
tilmangood points14:07
tilmani did't pay attention14:07
jjpk"new" blog posting on his website btw.14:09
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aonread that one already14:34
aonapparently he changed the name of the blog :)14:35
treachspeaking of kernel trap, this looks promising. ->
tilmanarnuld's new blog post continues the FUNNY tradition ;)14:49
tilmantreach: COW for a filesystem sounds expensive. but i know close to nothing about fs implementations ;D14:49
treachwell, all those dualcores should be put to some use, right? ;)14:50
treachbesides, it does away with the need for journaling, so it has some upsides as well.14:51
tilmani'll read it tomorrow or so ;)14:55
treachas you wish. :p14:55
tilman[...] i am willing to become a full time programmer only because of 3 people: Ken Thompson, DMR and RMS, the UNIX and the GNU.14:57
tilman[...] if there was no GPL a.k.a GNU a.k.a RMS [...]14:57
tilmanlalalala :D14:58
jjpkI hate to be a pessimist party pooper, but he will not change the world. ;)15:03
treachjjpk: don't say that, maybe he gets a job at ms. ;)15:03
treachhe just might turn out to be a butterfly after all. :P15:03
jjpk"show me the money and I forget about copyleft!"15:04
treach"Innovation" the MS way. :)15:07
jjpkRename, repackage, profit.15:08
treachnono. you forgot the most important part.15:08
treach"Make incompatible"15:09
tilmanapparently ms also presented their crippled os licenses to the OSI, for approval15:09
treach"patent pending" too, I bet. :>15:09
tilmandon't have an english link handy15:09
tilmani hope they get rejected :/15:10
treachyeah, I saw that. ridicoulus.15:10
* tilman hytter med naven @ esr and the whole "open source" debacle15:10
treachno way their, "look at this and we will pwn your ass until forever and a day"-license gets certified..15:10
tilmanyeah, thanks15:12
jjpkThis tactic by microsoft is about as convincing as polluting companies adopting "green" values.15:13
treachI'd say it's as convincing as a known and pathologial liar telling you "I'm honest this time! I swear!" :/15:14
jjpkOddly enough, being a lie in itself :p15:15
tilmancool, miguel joins in on the o'reilly comments15:22
tilmanhow surprising15:22
tilman# We should -all- stop using FUD and try to keep a our minds open.15:24
tilmanawww he's so cute15:24
jjpkidealist. :p15:26
treachdamned hypocrite, more like it.15:30
jjpkSuppose you can have plenty of interpretations. :p15:40
treach"Miguel and the merry fifth columners."15:40
jjpknow playing (np) became now watching.15:42
treachmedia as media.15:43
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