IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-07-30

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j^2hey everybody08:21
tilmanmmh, i'm currently installing windows xp so i can update a graphics card's video bios10:27
tilmanhow insane is that :(10:27
tilmanViper_: re. my repo. it's now hosted on, so if you want, you could just change the path10:27
tilmanViper_: ports/tilman.git10:28
Viper_tilman: i've set your repo to
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treachjaeger: new libgphoto if you've missed it. :)12:26
jaegerI did, thanks. I should add that to my ck4up config12:26
treachyeah, that's how I noticed. :p12:27
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Jul 17:48 - libgphoto2: updated to version 2.4.012:48
clbUpdate from opt: 30 Jul 20:18 - shared-mime-info: updated to 0.22.15:18
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clbUpdate from opt: 30 Jul 20:35 - pidgin: updated to version 2.1.015:48
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Jul 01:25 - firefox: updated to version

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