IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-07-31

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cptntilman: what's up with your website?03:45
tilmanit's still down. to be available again, soon, though03:47
tilmanif you need anything in particular, i can upload it to another random host03:50
cptnwell, the random host sounds tempting03:51
cptnbut I just wanted to check whether you posted something on your blog :-)03:51
tilmanyou could look at that instead :D04:00
cptnand read your assiarbeit04:02
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tilmancptn: yes, that's a great paper :D04:07
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clbUpdate from opt: 31 Jul 12:04 - libao: updated to version 0.8.807:52
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tilmanjesus, our sucks08:45
tilmansomeone remind me that i talk to aon about it next weekend08:45
jaegerhasn't it already been reworked once? :)08:46
tilmanjaeger: aon and me fixed a bug08:46
tilmanand i (alone i think, but i'm not sure) added another bug08:47
tilmanrsync opendir "whatever" failed: no such file or directory08:47
tilmandelete old, unpack new. if you update in between, you're fscked08:47
tilmanmaybe i should try my perl luck08:48
tilmanthat shit is really embarassing08:49
tilmanoh man, that shit is so unreadable08:49
jaegertime for a new tool in a different language?08:51
cptn.oO(Perl 6)08:52
tilman#{people who know perl} = 208:52
tilman#{people who know ruby} = 108:52
tilmanso i think it's better if i don't rewrite it in ruby08:52
cptnyou have to multiply that with the online hours08:53
tilmanthat's a point08:53
tilmanit's not the nice way either, though08:55
jaegerI've rewritten most of my perl stuff in python recently08:56
cptnit's been a while since I last touched perl, and I'm quite happy about that09:00
jaegerme too09:01
cptntilman: jue also knows ruby09:02
tilmanoh, of course09:02
tilmani think i fixed the bug now09:02
tilmanbut i'm not sure whether i want to deploy it :))09:02
tilmani've got a backup in ~, should the need for it arise :>09:05
clbUpdate from opt: 31 Jul 14:18 - dosbox: updated to 0.71.09:22
tilmanseems to work \o/09:31
* Viper_ likes perl :>10:06
j^2(great day at work) :P10:11
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j^2 /j #ubunut10:53
tilmanhaha, you suck so much :P10:54
tilmanyou mean fark?10:54
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