IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-08-01

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sepenI recently installed tightvnc and I get these results when I started it05:14
sepen$ Xvnc :105:14
sepenCouldn't open RGB_DB '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb'05:14
tilmantell it to use /usr/share/X11/rgb.txt05:14
sepenit seems that the binary tries to open an old place05:14
sepenthere aren't any options for it05:17
sepenmeans that I need to re-port ?05:17
sepen$ grep -i rgb /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:18
sepen        RgbPath         "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb"05:18
sepentilman, sorry05:18
tilmanhehe, np05:18
sepenbut .... you tell me I should replace a rgbpath for a rgbfile?05:19
tilmansepen: in my xorg.conf, i have this line:07:11
tilman   RGBPath "/usr/share/X11/rgb.txt"07:11
tilmanso RGBPath really should point to the file07:12
sepenthanks for your notes07:13
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j^2morning all08:34
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jaegerRomster: have a few minutes to test gl-select tweaks for me?12:54
jaegerit works on my laptop and workstation here, using nvidia-legacy-96xx and nvidia respectively12:56
Romsternvidia isn't installed!13:00
Romsteri'm using nvidia-legacy-96xx too.13:00
jaegerdid you apply that diff? shouldn't see that same error output13:01
Romsteri added patch -i $SRC/gl-select.diff, the Pkgfile13:01
Romsterwould help if i did pkgmk -u13:02
Romsterthat worked.13:03
jaegermind trying another thing for me? switch to xorg, uninstall the nvidia port, and gl-select nvidia13:03
Romstercan't test it on the other legacy driver but i figure it'll be alright.13:03
jaegerit should bitch that one of the 3 is missing13:03
jaegerbut now gives a list of ports that solve it, passed to checkInstall13:04
Romsteryep that worked good.13:04
Romsterthats a good idea then they can go and install the one they need.13:05
Romsterhmm you intersted in taking over the other legacy ports and puting them in opt or you ok with me maintaining them?13:05
jaegerok, thanks for testing. I'll push it in a few minutes13:05
jaegerI'd rather you maintain them... I have no 71xx hardware at all and only my laptop uses 96xx13:05
Romsterto be honest my friend has my 71xx hardware card but i added it to make sure i covered everything.13:06
Romsterthis old crapy desktop needs to be replaced oneday.13:06
Romsterwas really a mater of copying and chaning the version number.13:07
Romsterwish they would open source the driver code, they sell the hardware they don't make money off the driver.13:08
jaegerarg, I missed the md5sum13:22
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Aug 18:23 - gl-select: now with 100% more correct .md5sum || 1 Aug 18:12 - gl-select: added support for nvidia-legacy-* ports13:28
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Romstertsk i always do git add Pkgfile .footprint .md5sum :)13:49
Romsterand thanks for the update jaeger13:50
Romsteri did edit it but it wasn't portable13:50
jaegerI usually do a test build before pushing but I forgot to this time13:50
Romsterjaeger, oh and one other point of falure what if soemone removes the legacy driver while not on xorg driver then updates to nvidia then trys to gl-select ?13:51
jaegerthey should still be able to gl-select xorg; gl-select nvidia, I'd think13:55
clbUpdate from xorg: 1 Aug 19:28 - xorg-libx11: updated to
clbUpdate from opt: 1 Aug 19:33 - postfix: updated to version 2.4.414:58
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