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jjpkarnuld posted something new. o_o08:11
tilmannew blog blurb, new distro?08:16
jjpkThat, and productivity gains. :D08:17
tilmanjesus motherfucker08:18
tilmani have observed that, comparing to a Desktop, using a Window Manager like ratpoison or wmii (not Fvwm or Windowmaker) has increased my programmig and general work productivity by 50%08:18
jaegerI'm SURE it's closer to 52%08:19
jaegereveryone knows that08:19
tilmanmorning jaeger08:19
jaegermorning :)08:19
jjpkmorning jaeger.08:20
jaegerhow's it going today?08:20
tilmanso so. lost 50% of my usb controllers08:20
jaegermotherboard failure? :(08:20
jaegerjjpk: what time is it where you are?08:21
tilmanwhen i connect a device, i get a really scary backtrace on boot08:21
tilmanmaybe it's a kernel oops, i'm not sure08:21
jaegerthat reminds me, I need to get an a-to-b usb cable today08:21
tilmandoes the b form factor serve any purpose btw?08:22
jjpkjaeger: 4:22 pm08:22
tilmani mean, b-devices/hosts don't offer greater speed or something, do they?08:22
Romsterhi everyone, why did they ever have to be demented and not keep to one usb conecter instead of a and b :/08:22
jaegertilman: not at all. I've no idea why they're different08:22
jaegerjjpk: ok, just curious :)08:23
Romsterto piss ya off and have to buy more leads and adaptors :P08:23
jaegerperhaps, yeah :P08:23
tilmanbut the b connector sucks less than a imo08:23
Romsterthink it was to prevent ya from pluging a lead between two computers etc08:23
tilmanit's so easy to try to connect an a device 'upside down'08:24
tilmanwith b, you can easily see which way you need to connect it08:24
tilmanknow what i mean? ;)08:24
jaegerI like the a connectors because you can stack so many of them together but what you just mentioned is the big detractor08:24
Romstereh yeah i hate trying to figure which is the right way around.08:24
Romsterthey should of marked one side as top or they could of made it a diagional like the db series of conectors.08:25
jaegeron a side note, anyone familiar with mtools?08:25
tilmanjaeger: that's the dos disk tools, right? ;D08:26
tilmani used them 8 years ago :p08:26
Romsterfunny i haven't being a dos using person.08:26
jaegerI was trying to create a floppy with mformat and syslinux last night and mformat refused to use any device but /dev/fd008:26
jaegerI ended up having to symlink /dev/loop0 to /dev/fd0 so I could mformat my image08:26
tilmanthat's pretty lame:)08:26
jaegerI don't even HAVE a floppy drive08:26
Romsterlol lord.08:26
jaegerI agree08:26
tilmanjaeger: maybe it was a security feature08:27
tilmanso people don't accidentally mformat /dev/hda08:27
jaegerheh, perhaps08:27
jaegerit's just retarded, the syntax is like 'mformat a:' but you can't tell it 'mformat /dev/loop0'08:27
Romstera rather lame one.08:27
jaegerand I *guess* it just counts up the fdX devices as you increment the letter08:27
jaegerbut I couldn't tell for sure :P08:27
Romsterthat made my day.08:28
jaegerhehe, good08:28
jaegeron yet another side note, I think the mozilla people are on speed08:28
Romsterseriously that needs to be patched so you can do mtools <device>08:28
tilmani think xorg-server 1.4 might depend on dbus08:29
tilmanfor input hotplug08:29
Romstertalking about dbus that i'm using now, its configuration is in /usr/etc/dbus and not /etc/dbus is that right?08:30
jaegeractually /usr/etc/dbus-1 but yes08:30
Romsteri find no reference to /usr/etc on google but i didn't do a deep look08:30
tilman/usr/etc is a crux thing08:31
tilmanmaybe borrowed from bsd, i have no idea08:31
Romsterthinking dbus is a system device it would store it in /etc/08:31
Romsterah *shrugs*08:31
tilmani guess it's argueable in this case08:31
tilmanit can be used as a system wide bus08:31
Romsterwell udev goes to /etc08:32
Romsteri woulf ot thought dbus would too.08:32
tilmanudev is necessary to do anything08:32
Romsterwould of thought*08:32
tilmanthey aren't on the same level ;p08:32
Romsteri realse that but i was looking at consistancy08:32
Romsterof layout of files.08:33
* Romster shrugs and leaves you to chat.08:33
tilmanjaeger: btw, gtk 2.10.14 is out08:47
tilmanthere's no announcement on the website, but it's been released 2 weeks ago or so iirc08:47
jaegerhrmm, odd08:50
jaegerwonder if my ck4up for that is borked08:50
jaegerI'll build it after I finish this sysup and thunderbird08:51
tilmanno worries/hurry08:51
tilmanjust noticed it this morning and though i'd tell you08:51
jjpkThe website maintainer probably is out on vacation.08:53
tilmangood point08:53
clbUpdate from xorg: 2 Aug 13:54 - xorg-xf86-input-mouse: updated to
Romsteri've seen a few projects that the site laged behind the releases.08:58
tilmangawd, the weather is so awful08:58
tilmanit's supposed to be summer08:58
tilmanand it's raining all day08:58
tilmanand now there's thunderstorm08:59
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jjpktilman: that's been our weather for the last week, or so.09:12
tilmanit's just great09:12
jjpkOn the other hand, its not raining but the grey skies are still here \o/09:15
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jaegerwell, that was fun09:42
jaegerX shit itself and killed all 3 of my compiles09:42
Roomsteryou didn't try doing a sysup of xorg stuff while in xorg :P09:51
jaegernot this time09:51
tilmanthat should work these days09:51
jaegerI've done it before but in this case it was only firefox and libao in the sysup list09:52
jaegerwas building thunderbird and gtk on the side09:52
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jjpkI tend to put any large compilations under screen.09:58
Romsterif there remote ssh i do that.10:14
Romsteri got ccache installed so its not too much bother.10:15
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clbUpdate from opt: 2 Aug 16:16 - gtk: updated to version 2.10.1411:33
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jaegerhrmm... I should update the netinst iso for 2.313:24
tilmanwonder whether we should disable xprint13:53
tilmani don't think anyone who's sane uses it13:54
treachheh, you could try the tried and true way. :p14:09
treachdisable it and wait for the sceams. :P14:09
tilmanwe should start to think about 2.4 or so14:10
* treach is not a dev, so he shuts up.14:10
tilmanfeel free to comment!14:14
treachnot much to say, other than that I agree fully with that.14:15
treachlots of interesting stuff has happened since the 2.3 release14:16
treachglibc, etc.14:16
treachyou think we should wait for KDE4? ;)14:16
tilmanjaeger: we planned to merge your iso stuff in for 2.3, didn't we?14:17
jaegerpost-release, but yeah14:17
tilmanshould _really_ do that14:17
tilmanyours is much better :D14:17
jaegerI'm pretty sure it's ready to go14:18
jaegerplease feel free to peruse it if you've got the time :)14:18
jaegerinitramfs/ is the interesting part14:22
clbUpdate from opt: 2 Aug 19:13 - thunderbird: updated to version
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tilmanif i didn't have to use gmail atm, i'd start discussion on the list about 2.4 now15:34
tilmani'd kinda like to branch off 2.4 and update glibc and gcc15:35
treachkernel headers might be a good idea as well.15:54
treachI was considering beginning to play with that stuff, but I feel like I need a new computer to do all that building.. :/15:55
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treachhmm, apropos that.. 2.4 and UTF8?16:09
jjpkUsed utf-8 since november, so far it has been fine.16:10
jjpkor should I say, wtf-8.16:10
tilmanyes please16:10
tilmani need to fix my console font for it16:11
tilmaneg running make menuconfig results in brokenness16:11
treachterminus will do.16:11
tilmanif i do have LC_CTYPE set to de_DE@wtf816:11
tilmantreach: console as in not x :)16:11
jjpkOn my desktop, I have a command called start_unicode.16:11
jjpkThat would solve the font problem on console, but I don't have it on the laptop.16:11
treachtilman: jaeger has a port for it :)16:11
tilmanthought terminus was x only16:12
treachnope :)16:12
jjpkNah, terminus has many sets.16:12
treachtilman: btw, you don16:13
treach't need to get jaegers ports if you don't have them. p16:13
treachIt's *really* hard to rewire your brain..16:14
jjpkYeah it is.16:14
jjpkI had that same problem with this laptop.16:14
jjpkOccasionally it still happens.16:14
treachtilman: I nicked jaeger's port and stuck it in my repo, if you're still using it.16:15
tilmani'm using both your repos anyway16:15
treachoh, ok16:16
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tilmani'm probably being stupid, but what does crux 2.3 lack re. utf8?17:07
tilmanbesides a working terminal font17:08
tilmanthe locales *are* included, aren't they? :D17:08
jjpkThey should be.17:08
treachafik they are, but the defaults aren't set for it.17:08
treachafaik..  damn I should go to bed.17:09
tilmanso you think wtf8 should be the default, too17:10
tilmanmakes sensei guess17:10
treachsensei? :D17:10
treachtoo much anime? :D17:11
tilmanlaaaag messes with my typing resp typo correction17:11
treachanyway. I personally don17:11
tilman:D :D17:11
treach't feel that utf is that needed, but it's probably the right way to go.17:12
tilmanis that guy on drugs?17:28
tilmani really didn't think he was so hyperactive last time he was around :D17:28
jjpkStarting to remind me of maeki.17:29
tilmanaka majyk, right?17:29
tilmanthe other officially crazy person17:29
jjpkWhy is it that they seem to mostly come from the us? o_o17:31
jjpkToo much soda?17:31
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