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tilmandid anyone play with these patches:
Romsternope and thats a decent sized patch06:54
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Romsteri have noticed something with prt-get07:01
Romsterwhen i ran this command sudo prt-get sysup --ignore=lmms,ffmpeg07:01
Romsteri get07:01
Romster-- Packages ignored07:01
Romsterand ffmpeg falls under07:02
Romster-- Packages with undecidable version difference (use --strict-diff)07:02
Romsterffmpeg (r8878-1 vs 20070206-2)07:02
jjpkpkgmk or prt-get is confused by the version.07:03
Romsteri altered my prt-get.conf but it seems that if a package is undecideable it falls under 'undecidable version difference' instead of under 'Packages ignored'07:03
Romsterthe if checking order is out.07:03
jjpkThe versioning used is not a logical procession.07:04
jjpkIt cannot determine whether either package version is older or younger imo.07:04
Romsteri know the reason of the undecidable difference, i've pourposedly not updated that as i'm altering my prt-get and ports layout.07:04
Romsterjjpk, yeah but that's not the point i'm making07:05
Romsterthe fact it dosn't fall under packages ignored.07:05
Romstersince i told prt-get to ignore it.07:06
jjpkYeah that is somewhat odd. It should ignore it without bickering.07:07
jjpkNo matter what the "conflict" happened to be.07:07
jjpktilman: by the way, /etc/man.conf needs to be slightly updated if 2.4 is planning to use wtf-8 by default.07:08
Romsteri told it to ignore is so it shouldn't of compalined.07:08
tilmanjjpk: that explains why some manpages look weird here :>07:09
jjpkYeah. Sometimes it does not matter because it has purely ascii characters, or so.07:09
tilmanMANPATH /usr/X11R6/man07:10
Romsterlol thats old..07:11
Romsteri've since edited that out of mine.07:11
jjpktilman: NROFF           /usr/bin/nroff -mandoc -c07:11
tilmanwhat about the NEQN line?07:13
tilmanit has -Tlatin1 too07:13
jjpkI looked through the man page for (n)eqn, but it did not make much sense.07:14
jjpkTalked about default ps output, not about encoding.07:14
tilmanwith the NROFF change, i'm seeing weird output in the eqn manpage07:15
tilmandashes are broken07:15
jjpkWhich is a big wtf to me. o_o07:15
tilmanthough it *could* be a font problem07:15
jjpkDepends on the font I suppose.07:15
Romsterhmm not all gonts are wtf-8 compilant?07:16
jjpkMany were made back in the latin1/iso-8859-1(5) days, so no.07:16
tilmani'll try with Vera in a second07:18
Romsterwouldn't there be a way to convert them or map them.07:19
tilmanaffirmative, it works with vera07:19
tilmandamnit, my beloved smooth needs fixing07:20
tilmanthere's still *some* artifacts though07:20
tilmanman eqn, last paragraph of DESCIPTION07:20
tilmanmaybe bad markup07:21
tilmanjjpk: thanks for the pointer :)07:22
jjpkNo problem.07:22
jjpkOh right, another thing came back to my mind.07:23
jjpkFile contents are utf-8, you could also make filenames themselves utf-807:23
jjpkI think all you had to do was use utf-8 NLS.07:23
jjpkGentoo's documentation had this covered fairly well.07:24
jjpkThere are a few gentoo specifics, but nothing major.07:26
tilmanwhen i view the prt-get manpage, hyphenation dashes are still broken07:28
tilmanfirst line of DESCRIPTION (at least here)07:28
jjpkLooks ok to me.07:29
tilmanwhat font do you use?07:29
jjpkterminus x-16n.07:30
jjpkWell, the x being an alias for utf-8 "enabled" from what it looks like in the fonts.alias file.07:30
jjpku-16n uses KOI-U for ukranian.07:31
tilmanlots of unescaped dashes in prt-get.8 :)07:31
tilmannot sure whether they (should* be escaped though :/07:33
tilmansince the dashes that *roff inserts itself (hyphenation) are also displayed badly07:38
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tilmanjjpk: interesting, it really does work better with terminus o_O07:46
jjpkMaybe it is because terminus was designed to be a terminal font from the beginning.07:52
jjpkMany other fonts appear to be display fonts, not terminal fonts.07:55
jjpkWonder whether jaeger becomes jason again today. :p07:56
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jaegeranyone know a way to get awk to print a variable of its own as well as shell variables?09:35
jaegerawk '{ print $1, $HOME }' doesn't work, for example, because $HOME won't get evaluated in single quotes09:36
jaegerah ha! awk -v home="$HOME" '{ print $1, home }'09:38
jaegeryay for useful documentation09:38
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jaegeranyone willing to test my 2.3 netinst ISO when I get it built?10:20
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tilmanjjpk: doesn't look like it ;)11:14
jjpkMan those are unusual errors.11:15
sepenwhere you'll place the iso? Im interested on testit under virtualbox11:16
sepenjjee sorry, jaeger where?11:17
jaegerI'll put it up via http when it's ready11:17
sepenIm also developing a floppy-only based installation for crux11:18
sepenIm bad Makefile programmer x|11:22
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tilmani've been working on libpkgutils15:28
treachthat's a detailed description. :)15:35
tilmani think it means that it's more likely that i'll add new features to pkgutils15:38
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