IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2007-08-04

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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Aug 07:44 - msmtp: update to 1.4.13 || 4 Aug 07:43 - ghostscript: update to 8.60 || 4 Aug 07:38 - whois: update to 4.7.22 || 4 Aug 07:37 - dovecot: update to 1.0.3 || 4 Aug 07:35 - aterm: update to 1.0.103:12
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clbUpdate from xorg: 4 Aug 09:03 - mesa3d: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Aug 09:33 - ghostscript: removed de man-pages04:42
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clbUpdate from opt: 4 Aug 11:29 - postfix: updated to version 2.4.506:42
tilmanwtf8 man pages06:52
tilmansay you want to look for explanations for random cli switches06:52
tilmanso you type:06:52
tilmanno match, because - != -06:52
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treachheh, the joys of wtf. :p08:26
* tilman summons jjpk08:27
treachI guess that's considered a failed spell.09:04
tilmani wonder whether bsdtar should be in opt for 2.409:25
tilmantreach: my mana is weak today it seems09:25
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tilmanooooh, he found a bug in prt-get!13:04
jaegerinteresting bug13:20
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jaegerok, given a string like this: xorg xorg-cf-files xorg-cf-files#1.0.2.pkg.tar.gz13:44
jaegerwhy does "grep xorg-cf-files#*.pkg.tar.gz" return nothing?13:45
jaeger"grep xorg-cf-files#" and "grep xorg-cf-files#*" work13:46
jaegeranything else added after that breaks it13:46
jaegergrep xorg-cf-files#.*.pkg.tar.gz I guess13:50
tilmangnu grep uses -e mode by default13:51
jaegerI didn't realize that13:52
tilmanwhich interprets the argument as a regular expression13:52
jaegerhad a couple dumb typos in my net-setup script13:53
jaegerthink I've got them sorted now, testing again13:53
jaegerone thing that's really nice about my updated ISO is that you can edit things like setup, net-setup13:53
jaegerjust have to remember to copy out your changes before rebooting :)13:56
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