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tilmantreach: did you raktpdf-cairo problem fix itself by chance?05:16
tilmani just reproduced that problem :x05:16
treachno, it didn't fix itself, so I'm happy you could reproduce it. :)05:16
tilmani forgot that little helping verb05:17
tilmani *cannot* reproduce the probelm05:17
tilmanwishful thinking led to that typo i think05:17
treachI was beginning to wonder what was wrong with my system.. :/05:17
treachmeh, ok. :(05:18
treachback to wondering, I guess. :(05:18
tilmanthere's one thing you could try05:18
tilmanexport CFLAGS="-O0 -g"05:18
tilmanmake clean05:18
tilmanvalgrind ./src/raktpdf05:18
tilmanit will be dog slow, but if you paste the output of valgrind, it might help05:19
treachok, I'll give it a go, gotta build valgrind first though. :p05:19
tilmanand put in ~/.valgrindrc05:21
treachheh, more like use it for .valgrind, I guess. :)05:21
tilman~/.valgrindrc is the file name05:22
tilman"put in" was bad wording05:22
treachyeah, I noticed, just sloppy typing05:22
treachcan't open suppressions file '/home/tilman/devel/misc/zlib.supp05:24
treachI wonder why. :)05:25
treachFatal error for valgrind. :)05:25
treachis it needed, or could I just comment it out?05:25
tilmani think i'm not quite awake o_O05:26
tilmanyou can remove those suppressions05:26
tilmanthe first one is probably good to keep05:26
treachI was just wondering about the stuff in your $HOME. :)05:26
treachhmm, apparently it doesn't give anything. :/05:28
tilmantreach: you already opened the pdf, right?05:29
treachrelevant that is, some minor complaint about the gtk theme, but I can't imagine that has anything to do with it05:29
tilmanif you're seeing the bad render, and valgrind didn't complain yet, the experiment failed05:30
treachtoo bad, it was worth a try though.05:30
treachhmm. I just killed it, and got some more crap.05:32
treachwould that be relevant, or is it as expected?05:32
tilmanwhen the process terminates, it will tell you about memory leaks (if any)05:33
tilmanand since gtk sucks, there's always some bytes lost05:33
treachApparently. :)05:34
* Romster hands tilman a coffee :)05:40
tilmani'm having one right now05:40
tilmanwent to bed late, had to get up early = no good05:41
treachgoing to bed late is ok, it's worse when you're early - on the wrong 24h cycle. :/05:42
jjpkAll nighter going?05:44
tilmani don't quite get it05:44
tilmanwhat would be early on the wrong cycle be?05:44
tilmanlike 15:00? ;)05:45
treach00.00+ :)05:45
tilmandunno, i think i handle shit like that okayish05:46
tilmannot that i pull it off often ;)05:46
treachsure, but it sucks when you have to rise an shine early as well.. :>05:46
jjpkIndeed. :s05:48
tilmanwe need to resurrect #crux-devel-talk05:51
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Aug 11:15 - [notify] lighttpd: updated to 1.4.1606:19
tilmannow x crashed again06:27
tilmanprobably same bug as yesterday06:27
tilmanvery strange06:27
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treachahem, the above was in the wrong window, and not related, ftr.06:43
tilmanpoppler cvs head can render optimtut1.pdf (almost?) perfectly06:52
tilmanseems it was a bug in their glib backend06:52
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treachI wonder what kind of bug I've found.. or if it's just me. :/06:54
treachand what the problem is.06:54
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tilmani can now scale/zoom the pdf08:10
tilmanbut i'm somewhat reluctant to commit it08:10
tilmanthink i'll wait a few days until i have a host for the git repo again08:11
tilmanand then ask various people to test idiot2.diff :P08:11
jjpkSuccess in the making? :D08:11
tilmanjjpk: with wtf8 manpages it's quite hard to search for dashes08:14
tilmansince the dash you enter  isn't equal to the character that's displayed, or so08:14
tilmanthat's a bit of a showstopper :D08:15
jjpkIt is a problem indeed.08:18
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j^2hey guays08:39
tilmanhey gay08:40
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Aug 16:00 - mplayerplug-in: upgraded to version 3.4511:20
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tilmanjaeger: netinst.iso has /crux/xorg, which is empty12:10
tilmanthat's not intentional, is it? :P12:11
jaegerno, it's fixed in the svn12:12
tilmanwhat's the url to your svn repo?12:18
tilmani want to grab the setup script12:18
jaegerI haven't actually committed the changes yet but can do that in a few minutes12:20
tilmanas long as the setup script works i'm happy12:20
tilmantrying to do a remote installation, and i cannot boot from cd12:21
tilmanand i cannot mount crux.squashfs ;)12:21
jaegerwell, setup in that repo works, just not the netinst version12:21
tilmanoh, that's part of the uncommitted changes?12:21
jaegerthe 2.3 net-setup script is... not the setup script12:29
jaegerbut like I said, I can commit in a few minutes, just have to double-check my changes12:29
tilmanokay, thanks12:29
jaegertilman: sorry for the slowness, had work to do... it's updated now13:15
tilmanthanks :)13:16
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pedjajaeger: Would you please update alsa-lib to 1.0.14a, it' s a bugfix release?When you have time, of course :)15:52
pedjathank you :)15:57
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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Aug 21:18 - alsa-lib: updated to version 1.0.14a16:22
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jaegertilman: xorg-xf86-video-ati 6.6.193 seems to work fairly well and gives me some 3d21:27
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