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clbUpdate from xorg: 7 Aug 11:48 - xorg-xmodmap: updated to 1.0.3. || 7 Aug 11:47 - xorg-xgamma: updated to
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j^2morning all10:01
tilmanmorning slacker10:01
treachlook, he's drooling too.10:05
tilmanj^2: i don't mean anything of what i say10:06
j^2hehe tilman of course ;) your may crazy german friend, nothing every offeds me from you ;)10:09
treach"you're my"10:09
tilmanare you drunk?10:09
tilmanj^2: that's good to know though :D10:10
j^2tilman: i'm hopped up an vicodin ;)10:11
j^2at work too10:11
treachtaking lessons from our R guy, whom I may not harass about spelling, by the look of it. ;)10:12
treach(ofc I don't give a damn about what I may or may not do)10:13
tilmanresearch guy? ;)10:13
treachmmh, research into the realms of "approximate english" no doubt.10:13
treachsometimes watch the typing of that guy makes me think about the guy from the "departement of silly walks" :)10:14
treachs watch/watching10:14
tilmanno idea what that is10:16
treachdude, you've got to be joking.10:18
treachone of the most famous sketches of monty python.10:18
tilmani'll google it and then pretend i was kidding10:18
tilmanapparently the sketch is called the _ministry_ of ...10:19
tilmani don't think i've seen a single episode of mp's flying circus btw10:19
tilmani only know a few of their movies ;P10:19
treachok, I thought everyone knew of those.10:20
j^2hey anyone have experiance with cpanel here?10:21
tilmannot me10:22
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Romstertreach, i don't mind the spelling correction itself, i just get anoyed at the rest of it at times, nothing personal.15:07
tilmantreach: that stealth approach went really well ;)15:09
Romsterseriously, correct my spelling but don't make fun of it :) it frustrates me enougth that i have spelling issues.15:11
Romsternow i'm cooking breakfast :D15:11
tilman"cooking" and "breakfast" wasn't meant to go together ;))15:11
Romsteryeah it is if ya making a english style breakfast.15:15
treachbacon and egg. :)15:15
Romsterand snags, and the eggs n toatst, too bad i got no mushrooms.15:16
treachand I supposed he'd get it eventually, no harm in trying. :)15:16
Romsterok now that's shitty typing.15:16
treachas in something that hooks you up?15:16
Romsteryeah snags is a slang word for saugages15:17
treachI had no idea about that.15:17
Romsterah amazingly.15:17
treachIndeed. An slang word I didn't know.15:17
Romsterand a snag can mean hooked up on something too.15:17
treachI'm familiar with that use.15:18
treachhowever this is the first time I've seen it used about sausage.15:18
Romsterah there you go, they can also be called 'bangers'15:19
Romsteramong other slang words.15:19
treachbut as the germans say: Es geht alles um die Wurst, so I guess it makes sense.15:19
treachsomehow. :)15:19
treach(It's all about the sausage)15:20
treachbtw, you got annoyed already when I pointed out the difference between to and too, and I did't make fun of it.15:21
Romsterthat's becasue that15:23
treachyou got annoyed because I didn't make fun of it?15:23
Romsterthat's because, i know the diference but i typed the wrong word, i'm preaty sure i suffer from dislexica15:24
treachok, I'm not trying to torture you, but it's a *very* common error, and it makes no sense at all.15:25
treachso I assumed you made a mistake15:25
tilmani think you made up that german proverb15:38
tilmanneither me nor google know it :D15:38
Romsterthat's ok, the main one i stoof up on is their/there/there're15:38
treachdon't blame me, it's in my dictionary15:38
tilmantreach: really? O_O15:39
tilmanthere is "es geht um die wurst"15:39
tilmanbut it doesn't mean "it's all about the sausage"15:39
Romsterstoof slang word i made up :P15:39
treachah well..15:39
Romsterstoofed i should of typed, another words stuffed up.15:40
tilman"It's neck or nothing." or "Now for it!"15:40
treachtilman: I might misremember the actual wording, but the translation wasn't meant that way15:40
Romsterto much aussie slang and shit i make up that runins the english language.15:40
treachI translated it literally, intentionally.15:41
jjpktilman: well, "it's neck or nothing" does seem similar to "it's all about the sausage". You focus your energy and time on a single thing.15:41
treachyeah. and to germans, the sausage is what counts. :p15:42
treachat least I think what's can be gathered from that proverb :D15:42
jjpkIf you want a single word for that proverb, try uncompromising.15:43
tilmanjjpk: mmh, that's right15:43
treach"Preussia, a country which produces beer, sausage and cannonfodder", heard that?15:43
jjpkFor what it's worth, it applies quite well methinks.15:45
Romstermy skill lyes in electronics and sound, computers are just a extension of me wanting to get into software, and english is one of my least favourite lacking skill.15:45
Romstercannonfodder? sounds like a map on red alert 215:45
treachno, it's something far less glamorous.15:46
tilmani don't know why, but i like the word "snag"15:47
tilmanstill, preparing eegs and bacon and sausages for breakfast is just wrong15:47
treach"the project has hit a snag"...15:47
tilmannot sure what the hell these guys were thinking who invented that15:47
jjpktilman: how so?15:48
jjpkToo hefty of a breakfast?15:48
treachtilman: I saw some nz guys who were hearding sheeps. breakfast: Fried sheep-brain.15:49
tilmando all the kids in GB and aussie land suffer from obesity, too?15:49
treachNo thanks..15:49
jjpkThese days the hefty breakfast probably means little because the brits have taken to fast food similar to americans.15:50
Romsteri'm actually underweight.15:50
treachah, that's why you spell so badly.15:50
jjpkFast food, and pre-cooked food that just has to be heated.15:50
Romsterand a cooked breakfast is something i don't do all the time.15:50
treachyou don't eat enough, so your brain starves15:50
jaegeranyone end up trying the 2.3 netinst?15:51
Romsteri've actually been eating way more recent'y way more protein mainly15:51
tilmanjaeger: dang, give me another day. i'll do it tomorrow15:52
jaegerno worries, no rush :)15:52
tilmandang as in 'oops, i forgot to do that' ;)15:52
Romsteri used t eat way too many vegetables and not enougth meat.15:52
treachI'll give it a shot, when my new hd arrives.. ://15:52
Romsteri know what 'dang' means15:52
jaegerI used it to install that laptop I was talking about so I know it works at least somewhat15:52
Romstersame as 'bugger'15:52
tilmani know you know what dang means15:52
* treach pats Romster on his head15:52
tilmani didn't want to be misunderstood by jaeger :P15:53
tilmancause i guess you could interpret it another way \o/15:53
Romstertilman, i know quite a few words but speling them is my weakness.15:53
Romstererr treach15:53
treachI know.15:54
treachbelive me, I know what your weakness is.15:54
Romsterits not fod i'm eating heaps and yet i can not gain hardly any weight.15:55
Romstereven doing less exercise and eating more dosn't make me gain anymore than 2KG15:56
Romsteri'm about 183cm tall i know it as 6" 2' and i'm currently 80Kg i should be about 95Kg15:56
tilmanmaybe your thyroid gland is running amok15:59
tilmancheck wikipedia for medical advise ;)))15:59
Romsteri've been wondering that myself i feel the cold easily.16:00
Romsterbeen thinking of geting a full mediacl check on my thyroid.16:00
* treach begins digging 7'x3'x6' 16:01
Romsteri'm far from that.16:01
tilmantreach: now that took me a moment }:>16:02
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tilmango read that kerneltrap article/discussion if you weren't aware of it17:34
treachabout what?17:35
treachuh, sorry17:35
treachneed matches to keep my eyes open. :/17:36
jaegerdoes that only apply to ext2/ext3?18:09
tilmanother file systems may suffer less from it, though. but i doubt it18:11
treachext3 is extremely fond of writing to disk18:12
tilmanthe fsync thing is nice, too18:12
tilmanforce file a to sync => force all the other previously queued updates to sync, too18:13
treachI can't think of any other fs that causes that damned led to blink as much18:13
jaegerthink noatime,data=writeback is the way to go?18:20
tilmannot sure about data=writeback18:20
treachif you have a laptop...18:20
tilmantry noatime, and if some applications start behaving weird, you can always try relatime18:20
tilmanor even go back to the defaults18:20
jaegermight as well test them, at least18:22
tilmantip of the day:18:42
tilmanthe root of your anonymous ftp server is home directory of the ftp user, WHICH ISNT NECESSARILY /home/ftp18:43
tilmanand i just wasted 30+ mins on it18:43
tilmandoh doh doh18:43
treachsounds like going to bed is the smart idea.18:47
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Romster/var/ftp i always thought.19:41
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