IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2007-08-08

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j^2morning all :D08:35
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jaegerIs there a way to trigger outside processes (scripts or whatever) when an incoming email contains some special tag? I seem to recall being able to do this with something like but I can't remember what it's called so having trouble searching for it09:56
jaegerin this case the server is postfix but I don't think it's the only one that supports such09:56
j^2i bet you could configure tcpserver to do it, but that's qmail10:02
j^2god i hate it10:02
tilmanjaeger: maildrop can run a regexp on the recipient address i think10:05
jaegerhrmm, ok10:06
tilmanjust checked maildropfilter(7), it can execute arbitrary commands, too10:24
tilmanso that should work10:24
jaegerit occurred to me a bit ago that even procmail would suffice in this case10:25
tilmanmmh, okay10:26
tilmanbut procmail <<<< maildrop ;)10:26
jaegerI'm not picky about which I use as long as it works :)10:27
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tilmanViper_: it seems the postfix ports wants the aliases file to be /etc/aliases, rather than /etc/postfix/aliases10:42
jaegerah, recipient_delimiter was what I was looking for10:50
Viper_tilman: ok, will check that; but just change alias_maps10:54
Viper_in main.cf10:55
tilmanhow to store the list of files that a certain package owns efficiently?13:05
tilman* trie. probably not so great on memory13:06
tilman* search tree. slower than the trie, but ~better on memory13:06
tilman* linked list. sucks for speed and memory13:06
tilman(ie, not really an option)13:07
tilman* skip list that would contain pointers to the next directory level or something13:07
treachdepends on "slower" and "not so great on memory", I'd say. :)13:08
treachie. does the differences really matter, given the context?13:09
tilmani think i need to try it out13:10
tilmani think the trie will win13:11
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prologictilman, can I have write access to pkgutils.git ? :)22:45
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