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clbUpdate from xorg: 11 Aug 10:20 - xorg-xsetroot: updated to
tilmanthis is what valgrind --tool=massif has to say about "pkginfo -i"05:43
tilmanpkgutils6 master:
tilmangrains of salt, yadda yadda05:43
treachwill have a look at it in a moment. Orders for kitchen duty just arrived. :p05:46
tilmanguess i should use --alloc-fn for pkgutils-c06:07
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tilmanViper_: suggestion: remove pinentry-gtk-2 and -qt from pinentry/.footprint. gtk and qt are said to be "nice to have" only.07:15
tilmanatm i'm missing stuff according to the footprint cause i don't have qt07:15
Viper_tilman: ok seems to be a good idea07:20
Viper_tilman: i am not sure wether i should provide a new; do you really think that's necessary only because of these alias items?07:20
tilmani think *something* should be done07:22
tilmancan you change the path in the post-install script maybe?07:22
Viper_hmm not sure07:23
Viper_.. oh i forgot to change the link in pinentry's port07:23
Viper_it's not possible to set the new aliases db via post-install07:28
tilmani'd move the alias file to /etc/aliases then07:28
tilmancause that's what the documentation is talking about07:29
Viper_which documentation do you mean? manpages?07:31
tilmanand comments in main.rc07:32
Viper_hmm ok07:36
Viper_then we should probably move it to /etc/aliases07:36
tilmanyou could steal ideas from gentoo or arch or so ofc07:39
clbUpdate from opt: 11 Aug 12:24 - pinentry: fixed symbolic link || 11 Aug 12:22 - pinentry: removed gtk and qt footprint entries07:44
Viper_tilman: i've provided a patch now, because moving both files aliases and aliases.db is silly08:00
clbUpdate from opt: 11 Aug 12:58 - postfix: fixed alias_maps/alias_database options in main.cf08:14
tilmanViper_: okay, thanks :)09:22
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tilmanj^2: i tried hard to avoid providing flamewar-material11:30
tilmanj^2: cause anton already flamed me ;)11:30
j^2tilman: heh12:31
j^2i only do it out of love ;)12:31
aonRomster: the md5sum for libevent seems incorrect12:55
tilmanj^2: in what way was that german?12:56
tilmani don't get it12:56
tilmanit doesn't even involve -<:| or fascists!12:56
tilmanor pedantery12:56
tilmanor sauerkraut12:56
jaegerI'm guessing he meant that as in "it's greek to me"13:07
treachIch rate daß Er meint daß Deutsch für Ihm ist vie Grekisch. :p13:07
treachs vie/wie13:07
jaegertreach: indeed :)13:07
tilmanooh, you mean the graphs?13:08
tilmanie he doesn't get the graphs?13:08
tilmanhe should have said it's french or so13:10
tilmanless ambigious13:10
tilmanand nobody knows french either13:10
treachwell, german manages to get mangled too. :P13:11
tilmanj^2: look at it for longer than 5 seconds!13:11
tilmanj^2: notice the scale of the axes13:12
tilmanthe x axis of the first graph ends at 500ms, the 2nd graph's x axis ends at 2000 ms13:12
tilmanlikewise for the y axes/axises o_O13:12
treachbut, but.. the graph looks much nicer with the 2000ms.. :D13:13
tilmanonly four colors13:14
tilmanand it's a nice curve/outline13:14
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aonisn't it 'axes' and not 'axises' :)14:32
tilmanthat's what i thought at 20:12 local time14:34
tilmanbut a few seconds later i was unsure ;)14:34
tilmanaxes is correct14:34
aoni was swimming so couldn't react in realtime14:36
aoni've snapped somehow so i try to excercise in my free time14:38
aonbut my back hurts so can't jog :/14:38
tilmanthe right side of my back hurt all day14:38
aonperhaps moving is more pleasant now just because i have 10kg less to carry :)14:39
tilmannot sure how weird i lay on the bed last night14:39
treachheh, looks like it was easier to jump over aon in the past than it was going around him. :)14:43
treachcongrats to the improvement. :)14:43
aonwell, i looked at the first health exam paper they have of me in the forces :)14:43
aonit says i'm 100cm tall and weigh 184kg :)14:43
tilmanasleep at the keyboard or pen ;)14:44
treachaaah, I'm so glad I didn't have any coffe or such right now..14:44
treachIt'd be all over my laptop.14:44
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treachhm, anyone else experiencing that X hangs the system with the mousepointer frozen sometimes when you log out of it?15:36
treachIt has happened to me at least 4 times recently, with different windowmanagers.15:38
tilmancould you ssh in and kill x?15:39
tilmanor was the whole system b0rked?15:39
tilmanand what driver and chip?15:39
treachwell. I can kill X, but it doesn't help15:39
treachit's the radeon driver.15:40
treachmobile 7500 something15:40
tilmandri enabled?15:40
treachbut I've had the same problem with a debian box here as well, but only once.15:40
treachalso a radeon card.15:40
treach9250 pci.15:41
tilmando you have DRI enabled?15:42
tilmanthis one?
treachseems similar, other than my systems just die, afaict15:48
treachI can't even reboot them over ssh.15:49
tilmancan you log in via ssh?15:50
treachfor clarity sake, the system isn't dead right now, so I can't extract any debug info for you.15:51
treachahem, "for the sake of clarity"15:52
tilmani think you should try xf86-video-ati 6.6.19315:52
treachok, I'll make a note of that.15:52
tilmanif you can reproduce the problem with that version, you should reply to the bug15:52
treachok, I'll make a note of that too.15:52
tilmanoh, and try to run 'startx' via ssh15:53
treachI have to go off line now, major thunderstorm approaching. :/15:53
tilmanalex deucher is a good guy15:53
tilmanif he ignores your info, i'll prod him15:53
treachok, thank you. going offline now, good night.15:54
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Romsteraon, fixed, the dev changed the tarball since the time i built it.17:44
Romsterthats the second time this has happend to me...17:44
Romsteri really need some script to check the create time of the archive from the date i built the package from..17:54
Romsterjaeger, did you find a fix for wxpython?17:56
Romsteraon, and welcome back by the way :)17:56
Romsterhmmz i have a suspicison in th headers haven't got the prefix for install..17:56
Romsterbut the other files do.17:56
jaegeroh, you mean the port17:56
jaegerreplacing --prefix with --root worked for me17:57
Romsterthe instal outside of $PKG issue17:57
jaegerit seemed to follow the convention of most of the python stuff17:57
Romsteri looked in the file and say --prefix but no signs of --root17:57
Romstermust be a setuptools option?17:58
jaegerperhaps it's part of the distutils stuff in general17:58
jaegeror setuptools or whatever it's called17:58
Romstermaybe so.. i didn't see it in
Romsterwhat was the other probelm you where thinking of?17:59
Romsterthe API breaking issue?17:59
jaegera bug in the app I was trying to use, I guess18:00
aonRomster: what do you mean "welcome back"? :)18:04
aon328 days to go18:04
Romsterwell i saw you on yesterday but i didn't chat to you, i think i said wb from being actually at your computer yesterday.18:05
aoni see18:05
Romsterah preaty much nearly a year aon18:05
aon362 in total..18:06
Romstermust be tough that.18:06
aonshould get less tough after a few weeks18:07
aondepending on if i get where i want18:07
Romsterhope so :)18:10
aonme too18:13
aonapparently i have to go to normal nco school if i don't get to the electronics maintenance line18:14
aonand i'd rather fix radios than give orders :)18:14
Romsteri enjoy electronics, but thesedays i barly touch much stuff now, jsut arn't worth it anymore..18:34
Romsteri hate the cheap imports and the if it breaks throw it and buy a new one..18:34
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Romsterreally good for ladfill and they are trying to be enviromently freandly, pfft.18:35
Romsterok lets see how much damage a sysup is gonna be today ;P18:44
Romsteri would of thought wxgtk button and gif modules would have backwards compatability.18:45
Romsterconsidering the 2.8 series has 2.4 and 2.6 support..18:46
Romsterwriting man pages isn't as hard as i thought either, some stuff really is lacking documentation.18:47
Romsterjaeger, yeah the --root is in setuptools not in the file..18:49
Romsterjaeger, care to write up a howto on using pretendroot on crux? i'm sure there was one on the crux website but can't find it.20:14
prologicRomster, jaeger: --root, --home, etc and the associated install/build commands are indeed a part of distutils itself22:59
prologicgenerally speaking you should only need to issue: python install --root=$PKG (for 99.9% of python ports)22:59
prologica --prefix is generally not needed though afaik distutils does have such an option (eg: --prefix=/usr/local --root=$PKG)22:59
Romsterprologic, yeah so i found out...23:01
Romsteri read it off another Pkgfile in another repo..23:01
prologicdistutils is the build/install system for python - as autoconf,automake is for C23:03
Romsterpkgmk |ccze, gets intersting almsot what i was after..23:54
Romster2 things the first i can add more colour regex's to highlight -lname etc.. and why its running as ncurses and disables my scrollbar..23:55
Romsterin a console23:55
Romsterprologic, ^^23:56
Romsterah -A23:58
Romstermuch better now i gotta write some regex's23:58

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