IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-08-13

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j^2hey all08:45
siphi j^208:45
j^2how's it going sip?08:45
sipnot too bad, thanks. and you? how's life lately?08:46
j^2crazy, been attempting to support a production qmail it's driving CRAZY!08:50
j^2driving me*08:51
sipI think qmail is fine, until you need the extra features the app was not meant to have08:52
siphappily using it @work08:52
clbUpdate from opt: 13 Aug 13:39 - slim: updated to 1.3.008:53
j^2sip: :-/, yeah it seems to be a crazy custom install with little to no documentation08:57
sipyeah, but once you surrender to djb's way of doing stuff, it starts to make sense :-)08:59
j^2can you link me?09:01
j^2djb's "howto"09:05
j^2or can i google it?09:05
sipoh. I wish there was one :)09:05
j^2:D09:05 is quite good09:06
sipI used these ports, if it helps: (may be outdated)09:06
sipusing the whole djb stack seemed to improve performance / stability09:07
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clbUpdate from opt: 13 Aug 15:01 - rxvt-unicode: updated to 8.3. || 13 Aug 14:55 - openbox: updated to
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jaegerevery time I log out of gnome on this machine and back in, it fucks up my profile; gnome-settings-daemon will no longer start16:03
jaegerand it's ONLY this machine. what the hell is up with that?16:04
jjpkMy hat's off to your perseverance with gnome.16:15
jaegerI'm very tempted some days to ditch it completely16:16
jjpkSometimes you begin to wonder what is the design and implementation strategy of that project.16:18
jjpkWhenever you have a problem that seems to require a Haitian voodoo doctor to fix it, there has to be something a bit off.16:20
jaegerI wonder both every time I use a gnome app16:20
jaegerI really like the way gtk2 and gnome stuff looks but I think they're insane16:20
jjpkI can agree with that statement.16:21
jjpkOn one hand, it does make you proud to see how far they have pushed GUI development.16:22
jaegeron the other hand, I cannot duplicate this problem on ANY other machine16:22
jaegerwhich makes NO sense to me16:22
jjpkEspecially when debug messages are not there, or are incoherent, it really splits hairs.16:24
jjpkThe effect is there, but you can only guess on the real cause.16:24
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jjpkAnother dissatisfied user with software dependency :o16:48
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