IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2007-08-14

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tilmani  think it would be cool if those prtverify result emails would contain existing errors (if any)08:11
tilmanthat way i wouldn't constantly forget to fix the openbox errors :)08:12
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clbUpdate from xorg: 14 Aug 13:25 - xorg-xf86-video-i810: updated to
clbUpdate from core: 14 Aug 13:21 - dhcpcd: updated to
j^2morning all08:50
j^2how yall doing08:55
jaegernot bad so far but we'll see. the day is young :P08:57
j^2eh, customers suck09:32
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tilmantreach: does "git checkout foo" tab complete filenames for you (in zsh)?10:10
tilmanit doesn't work here, and i wonder whether the builtin stuff isn't smart enough to do that10:10
treachtilman: not sure I understand.10:15
treachIf you mean like "git checkout ma<tab>", it works10:15
treach(for master of course)10:16
tilmantreach: okay, it does work for branches.10:16
tilmanbut it doesn't seem to work for *files*10:17
tilman(git checkout this/file.c is equivalent to 'svn revert this/file.c')10:17
treach"No matches for: `branch', `heads', or `tags'"10:18
treachI guess that answers it.10:18
tilmani'll start digging10:18
* treach hands tilman a shovel10:19
tilmanotoh i'm not sure whether i wnat to loarn how to program zsh complet ion right now10:20
tilmanthere's gotta be a fix floating in the web!10:20
tilmanupstream source of git completion magic:10:27
tilmanaccording to, which is > 12 months old10:27
tilmansyncing with that version helps \o/10:33
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jjpkFinally a bit of rain to cool the standstill heat. :s15:09
treachyay for "optimization" when you don't know what you're doing. :p15:37
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