IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-08-17

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Viper_tilman: are you happy with the new version of zsh? :-)04:05
tilmanViper_: oh, didn't see you pushed that yet04:21
tilmanViper_: but i probably will be!04:21
tilmanViper_: i guess it has better tab completino for git commands04:21
Viper_well pushed it yesterday at night04:21
Viper_and this version is also used by freebsd, so it should be quite stable04:22
Viper_as it's a development version04:22
tilmani'm behind a proxy, can't access ryns here04:23
tilmanunless i can tunnel that somehow04:23
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Viper_that's silly :)04:33
prologicyou should see my company's network04:50
prologicit's so tight it makes me cry :/04:50
tilmanViper_: i's mostly annoying >:05:30
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Aug 11:52 - zsh: enabled locale features; necessary for displaying umlauts07:13
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j^2hey all08:38
tilmanhi j*08:39
j^2got any fun plans for the weekend tilman ?08:40
tilmannot yet08:41
tilmangot home 15 mins ago or so08:41
tilmandidn't even have my coffee yet08:41
j^2:-/ i just got to work08:47
tilmandamn, even the new zsh doesn't auto complete "git checkout filehere"08:52
clbUpdate from xorg: 17 Aug 13:55 - xorg-xf86-video-savage: updated to 2.1.3. || 17 Aug 13:52 - xorg-xvinfo: updated to 1.0.2. || 17 Aug 13:51 - xorg-xf86-input-joystick: updated to
tilmanin general it seems that zsh's completion is a bit slow09:13
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Aug 19:25 - [notify] opera: updated to 9.2314:44
clbUpdate from opt: 17 Aug 22:06 - gtklp: updated to 1.2.4 || 17 Aug 21:58 - bftpd: updated to 1.9.117:14
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clbUpdate from opt: 17 Aug 22:31 - libmng: updated to 1.0.10 || 17 Aug 22:30 - lcms: updated to 1.17 || 17 Aug 22:26 - neon: updated to 0.26.4 || 17 Aug 22:25 - libsdl: updated to 1.2.1217:44
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