IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-08-19

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tilmanbleh, i still think that a unified diff with context=0 would be better than the non-unified crap05:20
tilman+/- >> </>05:21
tilmanbtw, i've heard two stories about crazy bugs in gcc 4.205:41
tilmanwe probably don't want 4.2.1 in a crux release05:41
aonseems like my adsl modem is thunderstruck too05:42
tilmanthe motherboard and hdd damages were due to a thunderstorm, too?05:43
clbUpdate from core: 19 Aug 10:20 - ed: updated to 0.8.05:43
aonno, i don't think so05:44
aonbut the modem did this last sunday, too05:44
aonwhen there was quite an intense thunderstorm05:44
treachhmm, if they talk about thunderstorms on the radio, unplug everything with "modem" in it's name. :/06:07
treachsensitive stuff.06:08
aonforgot it wasn't attached through protective filtering06:10
treachheh, "protective filtering"..06:11
treachI always felt that's like some kind of scam when it comes to thunderstrikes. :p06:12
treachIt's just way too much energy connect some little box and call it safe.06:12
treachmm.. that was a bad sentence, I'm clearly still not awake.06:14
treach"It's just way too much energy to hope you can just connect some little box and call it safe."06:14
aonfiltering is a wrong word, though06:22
aon^ + grammar06:22
treachdoesn't matter, I got what you meant anyway.06:23
treachand it's still not something I'd feel comfortable with if I had to rely on it.06:24
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Aug 16:11 - libpng: updated to 1.2.19. || 19 Aug 16:10 - git: updated to || 19 Aug 16:08 - ruby-cairo: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 19 Aug 19:23 - slim: adjusted config for new xorg paths || 19 Aug 19:21 - bftpd: updated to 2.014:51
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