IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2007-08-20

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j^2morning all08:25
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j^2everyone had a good weekend?08:34
prologicwhat ?08:35
prologicit's mon night man08:35
prologicI got work tomorrow and it's tuesday :)08:36
prologicbut yes had a fantastic weekend - 2 days ago :)08:36
j^2i'm in america damnit... the world revoles around us heer08:43
prologicthe world revolves around me :)08:44
treachprologic's point ;) The US is just some backwater area that hasn't fully left the dark ages, clearly, and proveable with scientific methods, behind the times. :)09:04
jaegerit's at times like this when I wonder why we can't just accept a greeting and return it, then get on with life instead of making a big deal out of it :P09:07
jaegerthat's why I hardly ever say hello anymore, honestly09:08
j^2heh, yeah... i just do it because well..yall are the first guys i say hi to every weekday :D09:11
tilmanwtf8-ignorant US citizens10:11
Romsterjaeger, checked your email? and hi all ;)12:43
jaegerjust got back from lunch12:45
Romstertimezones ftw :/12:53
tilmansped up pkginfo -i even more13:40
tilmanusing mmap13:40
jaegertilman: nice13:42
jaegerRomster: I see the libtheora patch if that's what you mean13:42
tilmanjaeger: this is without buffering yet, so it probably can be even faster. although it's already instant o_O13:43
Romsterya jaeger14:01
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jaegerhome now, too much noise14:11
jaegerand shaking office14:11
treachheh, I guess you missed my little reference in the other channel. :p14:25
jaegerI saw it, had 2 clients connected for a bit14:26
treachah, ok. :)14:26
treachAt least they aren't going to build a playground instead. (I hope)14:27
treachthey did that outside my brothers apartment. First he had to endure them tearing down the building just outside his window, and then they built a playground there instead. >:/14:28
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