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clbUpdate from xorg: 21 Aug 06:26 - xorg-libice: updated to 1.0.4. || 21 Aug 06:13 - xorg-libxrender: updated to
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Aug 11:55 - mdadm: update to 2.6.3 || 21 Aug 11:54 - maradns: update to || 21 Aug 11:53 - cups: update to 1.3.0 || 21 Aug 11:51 - xaw3d: added -j1 make option || 21 Aug 11:49 - samba: update to 3.0.25c06:56
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tilmandamn mutt09:03
treachseems to work for me.. :)10:00
tilmani replied to the pkgutils-on-debian thread because i didn't see that there were more answers (on the next 'page')10:03
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treachyeall know what comes from Ohio? :>
tilmanSMS kills!14:34
tilmanohio hytter med naven at finland14:35
treachjaeger: I don't remember the nifty backronyme for Ohio, but they are after all neighbours with the "Idiots Out Walking Alone" people, iirc. :p14:43
* treach hopes his sense of geography hasn't failed him totally..14:45
treachtilman: Are you sure he had a Nokia? :p14:52
tilmantreach: nfi, but a finn invented SMS14:52
jjpk"ohi o" would mean it's over.14:53
treachtilman: oh? I didn't know that.14:53
treachI thought that SMS was part of the GSM spec.14:53
tilmani'm too lazy to google it atm14:56
treach"The first SMS typed on a GSM phone is claimed to have been sent by Riku Pihkonen, an engineer student at Nokia, in 1993"14:56
treachthat's about the only reference I find to a specific finn being involved.14:57
treachjjpk: btw, iirc "Ohayo" is short for "Good morning" in japanse, wich is also kind of fitting. :)14:59
jjpkOhayo, Ohi o, Ohio.14:59
jjpkGood morning gone bad. :p15:02
* jaeger imagines reducing "Ohayo gozaimasu" into text-speak15:02
treachsimple, I bet it's like one glyph or so,15:05
treachnot that I know japanese, ofc. :D15:05
jaegerwell, I was thinking romanized15:05
treachah, ok.15:05
jjpkProbably a few kanji and *gana.15:24
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clbUpdate from opt: 21 Aug 21:12 - libdevmapper: updated to version 1.02.2216:28
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clbUpdate from opt: 22 Aug 03:18 - pidgin: updated to version 2.1.122:28

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