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clbUpdate from xorg: 22 Aug 06:02 - xorg-xtrans: updated to 1.0.4. || 22 Aug 06:00 - xorg-libxaw: updated to
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prologictilman, know much about webdav ?07:57
prologicI'm trying to setup git over http07:57
prologicand keep getting this error when pushing07:57
prologic"No DAV locking support on remote server"07:58
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jaegerany good way to display a download progress bar with dialog using wget or curl? neither has output that makes it easy09:04
jaegerif it could be made to periodically output a percentage only that would work great09:09
jaegerhrmm, the -# option comes close, could do a bit of text manipulation09:10
jaeger(curl, that is)09:11
treachjaeger: I don't think there is any easy way.09:11
jaegerI don't see a way with wget but curl -# outputs something like this:09:12
treachAt least if debians net install is anything to measure against.09:12
jaeger#### 5%09:12
jaegerthough redirecting that to a file doesn't help much09:12
jaegercontrol characters09:13
jaegerI'm just trying to think of a way to make the netinst a bit cleaner-looking09:13
treachmmh, debian only tells you "fetching #package (#total), iirc09:13
treachmeh, "fetching #package (#total)"09:13
jaegerif I really cared I suppose I could make a small app that would do it09:14
jaegerbut I don't think I care THAT much09:14
treachno, it's not that important09:15
treachafter all, per cent done, of what exactly? It's kind of pointless either way.09:15
jaegerwell, currently you can't see download progress with the netinst setup... it would be nice to know how close you are to getting the larger packages like firefox or glibc or whatever09:16
jaegeryou see that it's downloading but if you want to know how quickly you have to look at the logs in another console09:16
treachOk, I see that point, even if I don't think it's that interesting.09:17
treachSince either you get it or you don't, and it's not exactly like you can get out an grease the lines. Otoh, it's nice to know if things get stuck..09:18
jaegerit would be simpler to make a progress bar that says percentage of total chosen packages installed09:18
jaegeryeah, it's just "nice to know" in general09:18
tilmanprologic: no idea09:19
treachbtw, what do you guys think about including gnuparted and wvdial on the iso?09:20
treachapparently we still have some dial-up users..09:21
jaegermight be a good idea09:21
treachoh, yeah, libdevmapper as well, maybe?09:22
treachI almost forgot about that one.09:23
jaegergood things to suggest for 2.409:24
treachyou want me to mail in them, or could you pick it up?09:24
tilmantreach: some time ago you talked about making our rc scripts sh-compatible, so it was possible to use eg dash for /bin/sh09:24
jaegerwell, they are your suggestions :)09:25
tilmantreach: is that stuff in the bug tracker, or documented somewhere?09:25
treachI don't think so.09:25
tilmank, it should be :P09:25
tilmantreach: imo you should advertise it a bit on the devel ml, so the other guys know aboutit, too09:25
treachI didn't get the idea anyone was intrested in it.09:26
tilmani am09:26
tilmaneven though it's a huge issue for me personally09:26
tilmanbut sometimes i really support features that i don't need personally :PPP09:26
jaegerI'm fine with it as long as /bin/bash can be dropped in later... dash breaks cedega :)09:27
tilmani guess we'd do it step by step09:28
treachwell, it's just a symlink as such.09:28
tilmanie first adapt the scripts09:28
tilmanthen later ask brave souls to do the switch and report problems09:28
treachie, if it breaks stuff, it's easy to fix.09:28
jaegertreach: I meant more like making the scripts bash-incompatible09:29
jaegerI don't see it happening, though09:29
treachthat should't happen..09:29
treachnot necessarily, at least.09:29
jaegerit seems rather unlikely09:30
jaegerand I can just add a readme to cedega that says "use bash for /bin/sh"09:30
treachI'm not aware of any case where you make the scripts bash incompatible by making them sh compatible.09:30
jaegerlike I said, seems unlikely :)09:30
tilmanjaeger: do you know whether that bug is known at transgaming?09:30
tilmanseems rather stupid of them to say they need sh when they need bash09:30
treachok, fine, I'll fire away a mail at clc later, and see what kind of hornets comes flying; Doing laundry atm though.09:31
tilmanclc? :P09:32
treachwell. the devel list09:32
treach(the mailfolder is still called crux-clc here :o) )09:33
jaegerthey don't say they need sh, as far as I know09:38
jaegerbut ubuntu uses dash and they run into it a lot09:38
jaegerthey could add some error check or something, certainly09:38
jaegerrather than just calling sh and assuming :)09:38
treachhopefully the mass of ubuntu and derivatives (+ debian) is enough to make these people mend their ways. :P09:39
treachsupposedly it's easier to fix your scripts than dealing with legions of bitchy users. :P09:40
j^2so has this ever happened to someone? --> consulted yourself out of a job?09:45
jaegersomeone? perhaps. me? no09:51
j^2yeah that's what happend to me09:51
j^2yeah...i did what was right for the business...and interestly enough i wasnt part of the equation...09:53
jjpkThings don't always work, probably even worse is not exactly knowing why.09:54
j^2jjpk: :-/ yep10:11
tilmanj^2: what did you do?10:14
j^2the guy ahead of me set up the mail/web servers, he got canned...i took over...did my best and the option of moving offsite came up10:15
j^2i didnt realize that it was my job that was in jepordey10:15
j^2i had other responsibilities, but they started to give it to other people10:16
j^2and they canned/laid me off, yesterday10:16
j^2i should have seen it comming....10:16
j^2but i was blissfully unaware10:16
j^2so if yall know anyone looking for a linux admin...10:18
tilmannot me10:23
tilmanbut maybe relocating around half the globe isn't what you had in mind anyway ;)10:24
j^2hey i've got eu citizenship :D10:24
tilmanoh really?10:25
tilmaneu ftw!10:25
tilmantry spain, i heard their local people suck at IT10:26
jjpkThey are very picky about language skills10:26
tilmanat least iirc they said it was hard to get good personnel10:27
jjpkHard to say what the problem is for sure.10:32
jjpkThey have the technology there, but maybe they've deemed it not that necessary as other nations have.10:32
treachtilman: sent, hope I got it right. :)10:41
jaegerhrmm, wonder how well virtualbox works on a windows host10:52
tilmani wonder whether we should try to do the bash->sh stuff for 2.410:52
tilmanthe timeframe might be too small, i think(?)10:52
jaegerI doubt it'd be out of the question10:52
jaegermaybe I'm underestimating the work but I doubt it10:53
tilmansorry, what exactly are you doubting? :o10:53
jaegerin other words, I think it'd be fine for 2.4, if that's what people want to do10:54
jaegerif the majority vote goes that way :)10:54
jaegergot no problem with it, myself, I'll use bash anyway10:54
jaegerneat, virtualbox seems to work quite well in vista11:10
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tilmanwhat the fuck is wrong with french people in irc?12:17
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treachsame as in RL?12:24
tilmangood point ;)12:27
jjpktilman: what did the french do this time?12:27
tilman(19:13) < caro[vtor> me ?12:28
tilman(19:13) <    cedric> no me12:28
tilman(19:13) < caro[vtor> ha, you12:28
tilman(19:14) <    cedric> yep, me12:28
tilmanthey are basically retarded12:28
tilman(19:17) <    cedric> erf, it was always active ?12:28
tilman(19:17) <    cedric> rhumpf !12:28
treachmakes you think of some bad comedy acting. :p12:51
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