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prologictilman, rc scripts sh compliant05:42
prologicI think I may still have this05:42
prologicor if I don't could easily re-do it05:42
prologicI actually made the rc scripts work with dash (or dsh?)05:42
tilmanprologic: cool :)05:43
tilmandash i guess05:43
tilmanthat's what treach was talking about05:43
prologicsure no worries05:48
prologichow would you like it ? as a port or patch to rc ?05:49
prologicI could create and push rc-dash to contrib05:49
prologicor rc-sh05:49
tilmanplease don't ;)05:50
tilmanmy plan is:05:50
tilmanbranch of 2.4 for core/opt05:50
tilmanand wreak havoc there05:50
prologiccan I please contirbute to this branch :)05:51
prologicI'd love to wreak havoc to the core/opt of crux!05:51
tilmanbut do you wanna do?05:51
prologiceh ? do I wanna do wot ;P ?05:51
prologics/but/what  ?05:51
tilmanbut what, yeah05:52
prologicahh well sh-compliant rc scripts sounds good for a starter05:52
prologicI've already done much work for this05:52
prologicI'd just love to wreak havoc too and try a few different things (without necessarily forking - as that's unprodutive to crux)05:52
tilmani obviously cannot just okay this :P05:53
tilmanprologic: did you see the thread on the list?05:53
prologicno :/05:54
tilmanatm it looks like we won't force dash-for-sh onto people05:54
prologicI'm so busy at work I have no time to read lists :/05:54
prologicI'm trying to find a way that I can05:54
tilmanbut the sh compliance stuff will make it easy for people to do the switch on their own05:54
tilmanprologic: gmane?05:54
prologicI can barely keep up with my rading of ~20 odd rss feeds I subscribe to05:54
prologicgmane ?05:54
tilmansorry, another list interface doesn't help when time is the problem05:55
tilmanprologic: anyway, can you send me your patch?05:56
prologicsure I'll find it and mail it to you05:57
prologicI'm going to bed so I'll do it tomorrow for ya :)05:57
tilmanno hurries or worries05:57
prologiclemme know if/when I get approved to have that access to that branch :)05:58
tilmani'm wondering05:58
prologicI'll happily start pushing stuff in with ya05:58
tilmanwhen i said 'wreak havoc' i wasn't serious really05:58
tilmanso far we want to bump gcc glibc05:58
tilmanand other less critical stuff ;)05:58
tilmanprologic: what kind of havoc do you have in mind?05:59
tilmanprologic: you can always set up your own cloned repo to do crazy shit :)05:59
tilmanand if it's good, i can easily pull it over05:59
tilmangit ftw!05:59
prologicI wouldn't mind:06:03
prologic * using a database vs. Pkgfile for ports06:03
prologicand building architectural support for that06:03
prologic * playing with the setup script on the iso - maybe provide alternative setup methos/scripts - automated ones perhaps ?06:03
prologic * Playing with some alternative init implementations that use events or parallel execution of services - faster boot time06:04
prologicat some point I would also like to set aside some time to implement all the support ncessary for pkgutils for me to then build a nice pretty gui ports/prt-get app06:05
tilmanwrt the ports database thingy you should talk to treach06:07
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tilmanprologic: the #crux-devel logs may hold some more information btw06:09
tilmanprologic: see if you find the stuff. otherwise i'll repeat my blurb ;D06:10
prologicI would rather you repeat06:12
prologicFreeNode and OFTC and the channels I'm on - I get very little time to read backlogs as it is (I do occasionally)06:12
prologicwhic is part of my motivating reason to develop kdb (an ai-ish knowledge database bot) I'm writing06:12
prologicfor the purposes of mining and organizing data (more especially conversations, blogs, etc)06:13
prologicbut neways repeat away :)06:13
tilman* pkgmk still needs to be able to read Pkgfile/.md5sum/.footprint from pwd06:14
tilmanwhich would override the stuff from the db06:15
tilmanpkgmk should still work if the db isn't available at all06:15
tilmanie i see it as tack-on feature to pkgmk and ports(1)06:15
tilmanactually ports(8) :P06:15
prologiccorrect I agree06:17
prologicwe could either tack the feature on (don't really like this approach from an engineering pov)06:17
prologicor we provide an alternative06:18
prologicI opt for the 2nd approach06:18
prologicbut yes fundamentally we should not break our existing user base06:18
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prologicme off ot bed06:22
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jjpksh compliant rc scripts to database integration with ports/pkgmk o_o06:33
jjpkI was reading the channel log.06:34
treachIt was just a wild idea, but it would actually make sense.06:34
tilmanjjpk: the two aren't related at all06:35
tilmantreach: prologic just expressed interest in joining the ports-local-db thing06:35
treachoh. I'll have a look in the log. :)06:36
treachah, I see prologic has read the log with some interest. :P06:38
Romsterjfsutils update 1.1.12 is out 2 days ago.07:34
treachfile a bug about it. (If you haven't already)07:52
tilmani'll update it07:54
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Romsteruseally enougth to alert in here.08:00
Romsteri just saw it randomly when looking on freshmeat08:01
Romsterdar update too but thats jue's port. so i'll wait and email if it isn't done in a few days.08:03
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Aug 13:12 - cabextract: updated urls08:18
clbUpdate from core: 26 Aug 12:59 - jfsutils: updated to
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jaegerhere's something odd:
jaegerplaying around with pkgutils on a fedora core system, I have libarchive and pkgutils installed14:16
jaegerthe package seems to get built, fine, and the pkg.tar.gz file is created.14:16
jaegerpkginfo (and pkgadd, etc.) can't seem to do anything with the file afterwards14:16
jaegerso the footprint isn't verified, package can't be installed via pkgadd, etc.14:17
tilmanmight be pkgutil.c:52314:19
tilmanor 59814:19
tilmanjaeger: did libarchive find zlib? :)14:19
jaegerhrmm, good question, I'll check14:20
jaegerlooks like that's a no :)14:20
jaegerI installed bzip2-devel and zlib-devel but I bet I did it after installing libarchive14:21
jaegerit's happier now, thanks :)14:24
clbUpdate from opt: 26 Aug 19:40 - dosbox: updated to 0.72.14:51
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