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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Aug 06:16 - diffstat: updated to 1.44.01:23
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clbUpdate from opt: 27 Aug 08:48 - libxml2-python: update to 2.6.30 || 27 Aug 08:48 - libxml2: update to 2.6.30 || 27 Aug 08:42 - dar: update to 2.3.503:53
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prologictilman, btw, have lost the work I did with rc compliant scripts that worked with ash (not dsh irrc)14:58
prologicI will re-write them though k?14:58
tilmansure, thanks14:59
prologicI used ash btw, becuase it's footprint was way (heaps) smaller than dsh14:59
prologicand dsh was a fork of ash14:59
prologicash is the more compliant sh14:59
treach"heaps smaller"?15:03
treach68k is pretty darn small afaic..15:03
prologicI think ash was smaller :)15:08
treachI guess you could get some anselm style "shell" in 1k or so, but I'd question it's usability. :)15:16
treachI think dash being ~12% of the size of bash is pretty cool.15:17
tilmani'm really curious how big this patch will be\15:27
tilmanlaptop keyboard ftl15:27
treachheh, welcome to the club. :p15:34
treachand that patch isn't that big iirc.15:36
treachbtw, dash seems to be a derivative of ash, and from what I can find out ash is the bigger one of the two.15:38
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tilmanmy hdd is making noises15:50
tilmani should google for a list of hdd noises that are known to be safe or normal15:50
treachtail -f /var/log/messages15:54
treachparanoia_mode: "True"15:54
tilmanit needs to be pretty bad before the kernel will notice, no?15:54
tilmani could try smartmontools i guess15:55
treachwell, depends.15:55
tilmani think i'll circumvent the problem15:55
tilmanby grabbing a book and going to bed :P15:55
treachIt has happened to me a couple of times; First time the computer crashed consistently when trying to access some files.15:55
treachand fscking would do the same.15:56
tilmanugh, nice15:56
tilmananyway, night15:56
treachthe second time the mirroring started to cry - loudly, about not being able to write some blocks, and having to relocate them.15:56
treachis *everyone* in russia a certified nut!?16:23
jjpkFrom the look of it, yes :D16:38
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