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jaegernifty... with that external usb thing and syslinux I can boot the updated iso from an HD09:58
jaegerit'd take a fair bit of modification to actually start the install from there but syslinux at least gives a boot menu09:59
tilmanmmh, juergen put opessh 4.6p1 in core on 2007-03-1110:04 sez: 4.6p1 released sep 4, 200710:04
tilmanstrangeness :P10:04
tilmanokay, seems 4.7 is out10:07
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clbUpdate from core: 5 Sep 15:22 - openssh: updated to 4.7p1.10:36
clbUpdate from xorg: 5 Sep 15:34 - xorg-xf86-video-nsc: updated to
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jaegerhrmm... I really need to sit down and figure out why the kernel gets remade every time "make iso" is called13:20
clbUpdate from xorg: 5 Sep 18:24 - xorg-xf86-video-mga: updated to
jaegerI guess I'll peruse the make -d log manually :P13:31
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tilmanjaeger: check whether the mtime of kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION).config changes14:10
tilmanthe other targets look less likely to be a candidate14:11
jaegerI've got the log to look at, just haven't done it yet14:11
tilmanfilthy large14:11
treachsite #cruxed? :P14:12
treach~30k/s here. :)14:12
jaegerI'll gzip it if you like14:13
tilman     Prerequisite `kernel/linux-' is newer than target `kernel/linux-'.14:16
tilman     Prerequisite `kernel/linux-' is older than target `kernel/linux-'.14:16
jaegersomething about kernel/linux-$KERNEL_VERSION being newer than bzImag14:16
tilman    Must remake target `kernel/linux-'.14:16
jaegerjust got there, heh14:16
tilmani think it updated the mtime of the directory when it created the bzImage14:16
jaegerline 85 of the Makefile touches bzImage14:17
jaegerafter the build14:17
jaegerwonder if I should remove that14:25
tilmandon't think it will hlp14:26
tilmanjaeger: try to remove the kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSIO) target14:26
tilmanie the one that extracts the kernel14:26
jaegerthe touch shouldn't really be necessary anyway14:27
tilmanseems bogus to me, too14:27
jaegerit was in the original makefile if I remember right14:28
jaegertilman: the extraction step is kinda useful, though :)14:29
tilmanyes. find a cool way to work around it14:29
tilmanmaybe in the bzimage target:14:29
tilmanif not exist le-dir: extract14:29
jaegerthis doesn't occur in the official iso build, though14:32
jaegerat least, I don't remember this problem14:32
jaegerand it does have the extract phase14:33
jaegeras well as the touch :P14:33
* jaeger scratches his head14:34
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jaegerok, somewhere after the kernel target, kernel/linux- gets its mtime updated15:22
jaegernot sure why15:22
tilmanmy guess is because a file in that dir got updated/written15:23
jaegeryeah, maybe when modules are installed in the squashfs section or something15:24
tilmanit's a file system feature15:25
tilmanor vfs15:25
tilmanmkdir /tmp/foo15:25
tilmanls -ld /tmp/foo15:25
jaegerright, but I'm trying to figure out which part triggers it15:25
tilmanecho ... > /tmp/foo/bar15:25
tilmanjaeger: building the kernel does15:26
jaegerbut this problem doesn't exist in the official build process, only in my updated one15:26
jaegerif you don't change anything in the kernel/ tree between builds, the kernel target should not be remade15:27
jaegermaybe I'm not understanding your point15:30
tilmanthe fact that it only happens in your tree might nullify my theory15:31
tilmanbut i think what happens is this:15:31
tilman1.) kernel/bzImage has an mtime of x, but kernel/ has an mtime of x+115:32
tilman2.) directory is newer than bzImage, so we rebuild bzImage15:32
tilman3.) the new bzImage has an mtime of y, so kernel/ gets this new mtime as well15:32
tilmanthere goes the theory15:33
tilmanwhen the mtimes are equal, the target shouldn't trigger15:33
jaegeryeah =/15:33
jaegerif I manually touch kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION).config and kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION)/arch/i386/boot/bzImage it does what I expect15:36
jaeger(not rebuild kernel)15:36
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tilmanjaeger: maybe diffing working-makefile vs. bad-makefile can give you a clue?15:45
tilmanor is insanely huge? :P15:45
jaegerthe changes are pretty big15:46
jaegerI'm doing some checks during the build now15:46
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jaegertilman: the squashfs target is where it's happening16:01
jaegermy guess is line 235:16:02
jaeger@make -C kernel/linux-$(KERNEL_VERSION) INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$(SQUASHFS_DIR) modules_install &> modules_install.log16:02
jaegerlooks like that's the problem16:05
jaegerI still don't get why this doesn't happen with the official build16:10
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jaegerworked around for now16:37
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