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clbUpdate from opt: 6 Sep 08:13 - squid: update to 2.6.STABLE15 || 6 Sep 08:11 - conky: update to 1.4.7 || 6 Sep 08:09 - [notify] fetchmail: security fix for CVE-2007-456503:39
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Sep 09:35 - imagemagick: updated to 6.3.5-804:39
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tilmananyone around?05:54
tilmangot a pkgmk question05:54
tilmanin the make_footprint function, we're sorting the footprint05:54
tilmanlater, in check_footprint, we're sorting it again05:54
tilmanseems weird05:54
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cptnhi there08:04
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cptndo you guys know
tilmanmore or less08:08
cptnbut you're not there yet :-)08:08
cptnI found you in the xmms2 project08:09
tilmantbh i don't find it that interesting08:09
cptnheh, okay08:10
cptnI was just wondering whether there would be any objections to add CRUX08:13
cptnbut unless there's someone else interested to waste some time there, there's no need08:14
tilmanif you think it's fun, feel free to add us :D08:14
* tilman hits 'wheres the source code'08:17
tilmanheh, too late08:17
cptnmmmh, I wonder which git repos all belong to the official project08:19
tilmancore opt xorg i think08:19
tilmanbut maybe contrib too ;)08:19
cptnI also added system/iso.git08:20
tilmanoh, right08:20
tilmanmaybe prt-get too08:20
cptnI have prt-get separately08:20
tilmancptn: will ohloh figure out that crux "tilman" committer == xmms's "tilman" committer?08:21
tilmanor do i have to make that link?08:21
cptnyou'll have to tell it08:21
cptnyou can claim "I'm this person" for a particular login08:21
cptnor rather VCS committer name08:22
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jaegertilman: how'd the release go?10:19
tilmanno idea how it went, but i'm updating the ports atm10:20
jaegerwell, I meant for you :) I guess it's going ok so far10:20
treachhuge party, everyone dead drunk? :p10:20
tilmanone thing to think about is the new input hotplug stuff in xorg-server10:21
tilmanit requires hal or dbus, or both10:21
tilmani don't think i want to make it a hard dependency10:21
tilmanbut we need to think about how we build the xorg-server for the iso10:22
tilmanwith or without dbus and hotplug10:22
jaegerhrmm... apparently the tracker on is broken10:26
cptnwasn't it manually started anyway?10:29
jaegeryes but now it won't start... I guess python was upgrade or something10:30
jaegerbeen a long time since I looked at it, honestly10:30
jaegerI'd really like to have a standalone tracker app, something small10:30
jaegerrather than building a new bittorrent port just for the tracker10:30
tilmanthought you were talking about the bug tracker ;D10:31
jaegersorry, should have been more clear10:31
jaegermaybe bnbt would work10:32
tilmanwe could provide a crux iso that doesn't have input hotplug (and thus no dbus/hal dependency)10:39
tilmanand we could offer a grux iso that has it10:39
tilmancause gnome needs it anyway o//10:39
clbUpdate from opt: 6 Sep 15:15 - p5-html-parser: updated to version 3.5610:40
jaeger look ok?11:06
tilmanjaeger: if you're bored, you could write a a reddish css11:10
tilmanhandbook-red, or gitweb-red11:10
jaegereasy enough to change11:10
jaegerok, it's more gitweb/doc colored now11:20
tilmancool :]11:20
clbUpdate from xorg: 6 Sep 16:26 - xorg-server: updated to 1.4. || 6 Sep 16:00 - xorg-xf86-video-xgi: initial release. || 6 Sep 15:56 - xorg-xf86-video-amd: updated to || 6 Sep 15:50 - xorg-xf86-input-keyboard: updated to 1.2.2. || 6 Sep 15:45 - xorg-libxrandr: updated to 1.2.2. || 6 Sep 15:41 - xorg-libxfont: updated to 1.3.1. || 6 Sep 15:33 - xorg-libxi: updated to 1.1.3. || 6 Sep 15:29 - xorg-libxrender: updated to 0.9.4. || 6 Sep 15:23 - xorg-libxxf86dga: updated to 1.0.2. || 6 Sep 15:19 - xorg-xf86dgaproto: updated to 2.0.3. || 6 Sep 15:17 - xorg-xinit: updated to 1.0.5. || 6 Sep 15:12 - xorg-renderproto: updated to 0.9.3. || 6 Sep 15:10 - xorg-inputproto: updated to || 6 Sep 15:07 - xorg-libpixman: initial release.11:30
cptnit's now indexing the crux git repos at ohloh11:58
cptnjust in case anyone wonders :-)11:58
clbUpdate from xorg: 6 Sep 16:31 - xorg-server: removed xorg-server.diff12:00
tilmancptn: huh? prt-get is mostly written in shell script? %)12:42
tilmancptn: n/m, i guess it's not you who set that information, but oholo that figured it out :)12:45
cptnstrange indeed12:46
cptnmmmh, there's a 'configure' file in git12:49
cptnso it could be that this one makes the difference12:49
cptnbecause it's over 6kloc12:50
tilmanthat might be it :))12:50
cptnalso things like install-sh etc.12:50
tilmanwhy did you put them in svn/git in the first place?12:50
cptnno idea :-)12:51
tilmani just pushed the initial commit for the 2.4 branch for xorg.git:12:51
cptnthe git stuff seems kinda wrong too12:51
tilmanfatal: bad revision '^'12:51
tilmanrefs/heads/2.4: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -> 82554515ba9a8c5a9576d04174e106fe1b62356212:51
tilmancptn: speaking of commits...12:52
tilmancptn: oh, n/m. i already pushed that man page fix :D12:52
tilmancptn: seems that page only lists pkgutils contributors12:52
cptncould it be because there are no ports in the 'master' branch?12:53
tilmanno idea. that would be a stupid reason :)12:53
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cptn"Ohloh will import only the master branch from a Git repository."13:01
tilmananyone happen to know how ~crux/bin/git_to_httpup is triggered?13:13
tilmanit's not in foo.git/hooks/post-update :/13:13
cptnI think it was a hourly cron for svn13:14
tilmandon't see it in crontab13:15
tilmanmmh, in the meanwhile, the script was triggered13:16
tilmanfyi, i edited it so we get 2.4 exports for core.git and xorg.git13:16
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tilmandamn, stupid xaw3d needs xprint14:23
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tilmanoh wait.14:27
* treach gets body of xprint, a white ash pole and starts digging at a crossroad.15:07
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clbUpdate from xorg: 6 Sep 20:11 - xorg-libxdamage: updated to
treachare you kidding?16:06
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