IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2007-09-07

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cptntilman: quick question:03:46
cptnon git03:46
cptncan you tell me why we do 'git checkout origin/2.3'03:47
cptnand not 'checkout 2.3'?03:47
cptnwhile ohloh got git branch support overnight, it won't work when I specify '2.3' as branch03:48
cptnwhile for other projects branchnames 'public' and 'ocf' work...03:48
tilmanlol, they really have branch supportnow?03:49
tilmanhow cool is that :D03:49
tilmancptn: with git 1.5, you cannot do 'git checkout foo' from a fresh clone03:49
tilmanyou need to do git branch foo origin/foo first03:49
cptnah, okay03:50
tilmanthere's a shortcut with some additional parameters to git checkout,  that i can never remember03:50
cptnwhen I specified '2.3' as branch name on ohloh, it wouldn't work03:50
tilmanso it seems oholoh's git branch support sucks a bit stilll03:50
cptn(i.e. no commits showed up)03:50
cptnheh, yeah03:50
cptnand it won't accept origin/2.3 in the form03:51
tilmancptn: does "pkgutils6" work for pkgutils.git?03:51
cptnlet's see03:52
cptnunfortunately, there's always some delay after submitting new repositories03:52
cptnwhich makes it kinda annoying to debug it as a user :-)03:52
cptnwell, it's not really debugging anyway03:52
cptnit's being imported :-)03:56
tilmanseems to work :)03:57
cptndoesn't look like it worked04:05
tilmancptn: i assume someone else will notice that branch support is broken, too. so maybe they'll fix it soon04:06
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clbUpdate from xorg: 7 Sep 15:51 - xorg-server: disable hal support to make dmx and xprint build.11:05
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clbUpdate from xorg: 7 Sep 21:01 - xorg-xf86-input-dmc: updated to 1.1.1. || 7 Sep 20:59 - xorg-xf86-input-void: updated to 1.1.1. || 7 Sep 20:41 - xorg-xf86-input-acecad: updated to
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