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clbUpdate from xorg: 11 Sep 06:33 - xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse: updated to
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clbUpdate from core: 11 Sep 11:12 - xfsprogs: updated to 2.9.406:41
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tilmanjaeger: mmh, do i need to use inject_packages with those  two new video drivers that will be in 2.4?08:12
tilman(in setup-helper)08:12
tilmani'm not really sure what inject_packages is targeted at08:13
tilmanis it for *vital* packages only?08:13
tilmanlike core/udev08:13
jaegerI'm not sure we ever made a distinction but I don't think it's anything to worry about. it's only for upgrades anyway so may not be needed08:19
jaegerlike x11 -> hojillion xorg packages08:19
jaegerunless those drivers are important to the fresh install I wouldn't bother, I think08:19
tilmanthese two new drivers are 'amd' and 'xgi'08:19
tilmanthe first one is only interesting for embedded crap or so afaik08:20
tilmanbut xgi might be useful for one or two desktop users08:20
tilmanpersonally, i'd be annoyed if setup installs the xgi driver after an upgrade08:21
tilmancause i totally don't use it :P08:22
jaegerhey, on an unrelated note, any idea what's up with the boxes in the commit messages here?
tilmanthat should be spaces08:23
tilmanas in 0x2008:23
tilmanjaeger: thinking about inject_packages again, i don't think it makes sense to use it for those video drivers08:28
jaegerthat's in thunderbird in windows vista, for what that's worth08:29
tilmanthe whole ISO ftl08:29
tilmani listed the sun video drivers as 'removed pkgs' in ChangeLog08:29
tilmanbecause the ISO doesn't ship with them anymore08:29
tilmanbut the ports are still available08:29
tilmanchangelog doesn't exactly describe the situation08:30
jaegeras for the video drivers, I can see why you'd want to leave them off but it would be nice to have a working setup from the start... perhaps vesa?08:31
jaegeror vesa, nv, ati, and i810?08:31
tilmanvesa was already present in 2.308:31
jaegerthat would get most of the common setups08:31
tilmanwith a *new* installation, you'll get everything anyway08:31
tilmani'd love to only ship those four (and maybe mga :D)08:32
tilmananything maintained + used + non-ancient maybe ;)08:32
jaegerthat would be fine with me, perhaps we should bring that up for 2.4 and see if everyone's cool with it08:36
tilmancrazy-ass frenchies08:37
jaegerI usually don't install any of them but nv and vesa and then I don't use them, hehe08:37
tilman(cd dvd linux bsd blabla com)08:37
jaegeryeah, just saw that, heh08:38
tilmanditto @ drivers08:38
tilmani'll have to re-read the talk that i had with simone about the xorg packages08:38
tilmanhah, i never new that simone wrote a ccrux review for osnews :P08:40
tilmanerr, knew*08:40
jaegernor did I :)08:43
tilmanjust thinking08:43
tilmani'm signing off on sooo many drivers that i never even tested08:43
tilmanlike, 99% of them o_O08:43
tilmanoh well08:43
tilmani think our git_to_httpup script is still buggy10:36
tilmanports -u just deleted a good chunk of /usr/ports/opt for me10:37
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clbUpdate from opt: 11 Sep 17:58 - gnupg: updated to 2.0.713:04
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