IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2007-09-16

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clbUpdate from core: 16 Sep 07:43 - curl: update to 7.17.003:06
clbUpdate from opt: 16 Sep 07:40 - cups: update to 1.3.103:08
clbUpdate from opt: 16 Sep 09:42 - sitecopy: fixed url05:08
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ct_had a question and i know that the devel channel probably isnt' the place but you're the only person i've been able to get a response from...12:48
aoni saw your question on the other channel12:49
ct_lol ok12:49
ct_any suggestions?12:49
aonnot really12:49
ct_ah ok12:49
ct_i'm going to try sysresccd to get a kernel loaded12:49
ct_i should be able to make it work from there with some chroot12:50
ct_(from my gentoo days)12:50
ct_would that be a wiki able item?12:50
ct_if it works?12:50
aoncould be12:51
aongtg now12:51
aonthe inspection of whether our bedcovers are folded properly or not is about to begin12:52
ct_lol ok12:52
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